Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gills vs Malabar

We tried a new Moghul restaurant in Medan Damansara today. It's called Gills.

Frankly, my colleagues and I have been die hard fans of a place called Malabar Palace @ Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre. It's great Indian cuisine at a very reasonable price.

So, when we saw this place on our way to Sri Ayuttaya one afternoon, we decided Gills would be next on our list.

By the way, the standard in Sri Ayuttaya has dropped tremendously.

Anyways.....back to Gills. I shall cut the story short, the food was not to my liking at all.

My colleague, an Indian did the ordering like we always make her do in Indian restaurants.

She orederd Pilaf rice, garlic naan, butter chicken, minced lamb and okra. Also you have to order papadum here. It came with an accompaniment of mint that looked so artificial green.

The rice, one of the safest bet since I am not a fan of garlic naan turned out tasting weird to me. I suppose they have added some essence of sort. The butter chicken was too rich and the taste too mild for my urge for Indian food.

The okra was bland. I seriously wanted to ask for salt and some sambal.

The saving grace was the naan which was really soft and the lamb.

My colleague says we just aint' used to this cuisine. Seemingly the Punjab taste is really mild. We are hot fiery people used to heavy spices and ummph. What to do....we are spoilt for choice coz our Indian colleague brings us the most deledtable Indian home cooked food once in a while. And also some from her Pakistani influenced cousin.

Oh but for the love of spice!


Small Kucing said...

Sri Ayuttaya at Medan Damansara? Been there once. Ok ok only

reanaclaire said...

Try then only we know which is nice and which is not.. :)