Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Phonetics gone bad

Christopher has been exposed to phonetics since we started kindy. I was never really against phonetics to help a kid pronounce words on their own. Though I did feel the use of phonetics in the English language to be somewhat limited. Especially for the likes of 'buffet' and that sorts.

But of late phonetics has been driving me up the wall. You know you can't really use alphabet by alphabet phonetics to learn Malay. And so teaching Christopher Malay has been somewhat a struggle to ask him to QUIT sounding the B sound and the A sound when I show him BA and instead tell me 'ba'! So that I can get on with the TU = too and make him say BATU!

And in fact he has not really been practising the use of phonetics to learn new english words anyway. He learns by word recognition and the meaning of the word as it is.

So....sigh....for him, it's phonetics out of the door and old school teaching methods!

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Small Kucing said...

i can guess i will be having that problem soon