Sunday, February 26, 2012

THAT time of the year....

It's THAT time of the year again.....and especially 'kan cheong' for parents with kids born in 2007. It's our first time having to make the milestone of a decision for our kids. At least with kindy, if you didn't like it, you could opt to just leave and go to another one. I doubt you can do the same that easily with Primary 1.

Let it be said and out in the open. I am sending my kiddo to a kebangsaan school. Nope...not the chinese kind nor the international kind. We are going all kebangsaan.

And believe me, TOOOOO many people have been giving me reasons why I should change my mind. These are parents who have actually seen the 6 years through and survived. Applause to them!!!

I am glad though when someone else I talk to just nods and accepts (even helps) kindly when I tell them that my boy will study chinese as a subject and not as a way of studying. They don't tell me that I have made the wrong choice. Or that China is the next big thing. Or that Malays are sending their kids to chinese school, don't loose out. It't really not about race here is it?

So anyways.....since hubby is off on Thurs and Fri, he will be doing the registering for Christopher. KL schools require us to personally go to the school and register so.....

Good luck to us.....and to you too! I pray Christopher will get into the school we register him into. And for all the parents who registered last year, I hope your kid got the school you wanted as well.

God bless us all! :)

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LittleLamb said...

HS is not an option for you???