Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Small deed, big lesson

Have you ever had that feeling of 'striving to reach' where God wants you to be? It always comes to me after a particular sermon or prayer. To strive to have that feeling, be that person, do that right thing. It's very motivating for me. And it's also very uplifting. It also reminds....

2 things.

I just tuned in to Times Square Church for a sermon. I always pray before I enter TSC website that 'Lord, lead me to the sermon you want me to hear now.' I just heard one on relationships, human relationships particularly. It was targeted for youths on choosing partners. It is not something that is totally applicable to me, still it spoke volumes on how a Gody relationship can be, should be, ought to be.

The other thing that happened today, which actually triggered the whole event of entering in TSC website was an email from Simon.

You see, last Sunday, I was teaching Sunday School. As I was leaving, Daniel told me that today's sermon was really good. I remember complaining that the sermon was really long, meaning I would have to spend more time with the kids at Sunday School. So, I was rather ashamed that I had that thought in my mind when I saw Daniel. And I was rather intrigued as to what the sermon was about. The speaker even impressed my parents, mind you!

So, I casually asked Simon about it.

Today I checked my email. And Simon had emailed the sermon to me.

Something small? But after reading the sermon, I felt really touched that Simon would have taken the trouble to actually get it for me and send it to me. It's not a big deal to him but it is a big deal to me.

Coz God took this small deed to remind me of how blessed I am to be in CBC Seapark. To be with people who take the time and effort (no matter how easy it was for him) to meet my needs.

And it was a reminder to me because of late, I have been feeling a little out of place with church. Have even been comparing current with past. And God knows, that is a really bad thing to do.

So Lord, I am sorry for doubting the reason you brought me out of my past church into my present. Forgive me for forgetting how blessed I am that my current family in Christ accepted me and helped me without even knowing me. Forgive me for forgetting the amount of work they and the Pastor went through in accepting Kev and making our marriage happen.

So, if you who are from my SG ever reads this post. Thank God for you. God bless you greatly. May we walk on this road of knowing and loving Christ steadily together.

This is a female post. has been said (with much sarcasm) that I share information too easily. This is a personal post, in some ways, but the purpose I choose to blog about it is to share information with other's who may have similar conditions. Perhaps they then can also share something I may need to know.

So, anyways.....snide opening remarks aside, this is my story.

When I was preggy with my daughter, I had some bleeding late in my pregnancy. I was told that I had a fibroid which was causing the bleeding. But my (silly) gynae recently confirmed it was not a fibroid per say but something starting with Pxxx. Whatever!!!

After I gave birth, I started to have really heavy bleeding. So much so, I had to stay at home for 1-2 days to avoid any embarrassment. I beared with this for 2 years given the situation varied. However, of late, the pain and the headaches that come with this situation has been harder to bear. Maybe coz I need to keep my wits with me all the time now with Christopher. Also I have had too many an embarrassing situation as it is. Even my son knows something is wrong with mummy.

So, I went to see a gynae last week. And one second into the scan, he said "Yes, I think you may have a fibroid." This after telling me that I got my initial fibroid story wrong ok!

Got dressed and went to have THE talk.

Then he told me "You have something called Adenomyosis". In my mind, I was like thinking 'I thought you told me I may have a fibroid? You are sooo confusing!'

Anyways....he wrote it down on the paper and asked me to do my own reading about it. I reckon he has learnt his lesson so that he need not answer any more further questions. He is like that in that way.

But this adenomyosis has no cure. The only way to help is artifical hormones.

Did I decide to do it? YOU BETCHA. Coz the IUD that I am going to use also acts as a birth control. And really the pain and inconvinience is detrimental to the healthy growth of my kids....and to my holiday planning.

I remember wanting to do this birth control thing a long time ago. Searched some testimonies and didn't get much. Maybe after I get it done, I will let you know how it is going. It's called Mirena and it's the safest birth control I have read about. It is progesteron based and only affects the womb, not the blood stream. It lasts for 5 years but you need to check it after 3/4 years. It costs a whopping RM1K (close to it).

But maybe if it is used as a treatment for my adenomyosis, I can claim insurance. I do hope so.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Organic shampoo

Blame it on my eczema, my almost always allergies or my nanny's daughter who introduced organic shampoo to me. She sold me the Edo Shampoo from Japan for RM19.90 a liter. that means enzyme, aloe vera etc. and NO SLEs crap. I was a happy buyer. As it is I love trying new products like this.
However, 3 bottles later, she told me she can no longer get that Edo shampoo for me. Seems the manufacturer has moved on and made better the product. And so introducing.....
The problem was this shampoo costs slightly more. And my nanny's daughter's friend, who I learnt later was working in one of the agent companies in Malaysia, was not interested in coming all the way to PJ to deliver just 2-3 bottles.

Did some research out of desperation and found out that the nearest agent is located in Kepong. But thank my blessed stars, there was ONE agent in this small shop in Ipoh.

Bought 2 of this new shampoo at non member price of RM35/bottle from the agent in Ipoh. He gave me some molasses and oats for free. I rather think he was trying to hit on me since I went there alone.

Anyways, if you are ever interested to try organic shampoos, google search this website : Reckon you may need to translate the page if you don't know mandarin.

And during my search I also found out about other organic products from websites like and And there is this organic wash sold at RM 9.90/500ml in an Eco shop where TTDI's  Fabulous Mom is located. So, reckon I will be going more organic soon.

Right now the only other thing organic in my house are noodles. What about you?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dentist for the first time

First....a big thanks to all my 5 commentors from FB. And to Rachel, Barbara and Sasha for the recommendation on the dentist.

Yes, I have to agree with Sasha that a pead dentist is important for the first visit. ESPECIALLY if your kid already had to do something that day.'s my fault. I really should have trusted my instinct the first time I spotted a stain on Christopher right back molar 6 months ago. But I thought milk tooth, how bad can the repercussions be.

It's bad. Sigh...

He has a cavity that is so big it is affecting his nerves.

It all started out with him crying on Monday night and unable to sleep coz he had a toothache. Had to give him ibuprofen to stop the pain and still he woke up 3 hours later crying. Poor kiddo.

Apparently, he still has one more molar expected to come out when he is 6+ and thus the dentist cannot take out his back molar as yet so that the spacing for his teeth will not be affected.

And the adult tooth to replace this severed one will only come out hen he is like 12 !!

Oh gosh....give me a break! I have to be so careful with that particular tooth of his now till he is 12!!! That's like 8 years more!'s my fault so I have to bear the pain as well.

As for the dentist. We went to the Seapark branch since I found Sasha's blogpost on it. It's really great for the kid to be greeted with channel 616 upon arriving. hahahaha....They use the same trick of letting the kids press some buttons which they need to use later on them! And also by letting them feel the equipments they will be using like the water spray, the air spray and the sucking thing!

And he also could watch his 616 when he was sitting down in his bedlike chair. But when it really came down to business, it was the trust and the few minutes of friendship with the dentist that did the trick. Also the fact that he had stickers later as a reward!

So, right now, he has a temp filling with medication. We have to go back in 1 weeks time to put in the permanent filling if all goes well with the medication. If would be some burning of nerves to stop the pain. Please pray for him that it would not boil down to that!

It will be every 6 months to the dentist from now on. And he now GETS IT why mummy always nags him about brushing teeth and eating less sweets.

I reckon it is a good lesson to learn and maybe at a cost that is not too permanent.

As for this visit, it was RM20 for consultation and RM60 for the medication.

Smile Partner Dental Clinic
Dr. Diane Chai
B.D. Sc. (Melbourne)
Consultation Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed
After Hours: By Appointment Only
14-A (First Floor)
Jalan 21/12, SEA Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone: +603-7875-0727
Fax: +603-7876-0727

What did we do during the holidays?

I have to say this holidays was the most eventful since I was a kid.

We started the first weekend in Bird Park. At last, I convinced myself that paying that whopping amount to experience something different will be worth it.

The initial part was an open aviary and it was quite great. Hubby was carrying girl and birds started perching all over him. The girl was scared for a while and then just watched after a while.

Boy was more eager to move on! In fact he is always wanting to move on these days. Have to teach him to enjoy the moment.

Anyways, the boy had more fun checking out the map. He doesn't really like loud noise so the birds which made noise were too aggressive for him. The girl was trying to outbeat their voice which was really painful for everyone else to hear!

In the end, I was rather hoping the birds will shut up so that my girl will shut up! Sigh....

I loved the chick hatching area the best. My girl kept hitting the sides which made the poor chicks jump. Would have loved to spend a longer time there if not for her. And for the fact that after which she snatched her brother's precious map!

Met one peacock who took an interest in a packet of junkfood a tourist was eating. It was hilarious and the guy had to hurry up and gobble it up with his kids trying to distract the peacock away.

I had a few jumps myself when one or two birds flew too close to me. Hubby had a good laugh coz it was mummy who jumped more than the kids.

2 hours plus later, I literally was ignoring the kids and looking for the exit. It was getting HOT and I was getting too too tired.

Will I go again? Not in a million years....or until the kids are bigGER or if they ask to go again.
What did Christopher say? "But didn't even let me feed the birds....OR THE FISH!"


Anyways.....Christopher then went back to Ipoh for the rest of the week till Thrusday night when we made our way down to Ipoh to pick him up and we headed to PENANG !

Yes....Penang is our annual family trip. This time we stayed 2 nights coz 1 night is really too much of a rush to eat everything! hahahaha...

Took the ferry over this time round....I am all about new experiences this time. The kids enjoyed it. I loved the breeze and the fact that we were smack in town as soon as we arrived.

Where to eat? I told hubby just drive and the first place we come across we will eat there. We ended up in Swatow Lane foodcourt. It was good enough....not too warm, easy parking. And the boy finished up his mun yee mee. The girl just wanted the daddy's ice kacang. Hubby and I shared a char kuer teow and asam laksa. It was GOOD!

Checked into the hotel only to find they had only king size beds or twin beds left. We could not get the double queen bed config. So hubby settled for a king bed and a cot for the girl/boy....whoever!

Spent the rest of the evening in the pool where Christopher made friends with a Chloe, Alyssa and Ben from Perth, Australia. We had chats with A&B's parents through out our stay there coz of the kids. Not sure what happened to C or her parents.

I never thought we would be spending every other waking hour at the pool when we were not roaming Penang. So, it never occured to me to lather the kids with sun block. The kids survived.....I doused them with lotion after the first evening swim. But hubby and I were BURNT. It's hurting us 3 days later so you can imagine.

Dinner at Northam Foodcourt. Gosh....Northam's food is alright but coz it is by the sea and the weather was cool....the atmosphere made up for the alright food. But alright food in Penang is still good by measure, I should say. The boy surprised me by finishing up his spaghetti and some satay and some garlic bread. The sea breeze and the swimming must be doing great for his appetite.

Went to Straits Quay for a walk after that. GOSH.....I so LOVE Penang. There are so many cool places to walk and spend some family time. I wish I could live in Penang, traffic jams aside. There were yachts in the harbour, a lighthouse.....soooo awesome! We were walking up and down deciding which boat we loved the best. Totally awesome.

Night time was horrible though. The girl refused to sleep in her cot so I put her in between us. She cried each time she turned and bumped into us. Or maybe her sun burned areas were hurting her. Both hubby and I were like zombies the next day. But die die also have to make the best of the day!

Breakie at the hotel and pool after that.

Lunch the 2nd day was at OFA with cousins. Overpriced and not great at all. But we didn't have to I cannot complain.

Went biscuit shopping and also went to hubby's family shop in Kek Lok Si foothill to get nutmeg related stuff. I so wanted to do Penang hill but after sweating buckets in Kek Lok Si foothill, I decided I would be too tired to take care of tantrum throwing kids. We headed back to the hotel.

Had ice cream as it was nearing 6 and the lunch was lousy. Christopher was in a bad mood due to lack of sleep and pain behind his neck. Still after some milk shakes, ice cream and fries, he was ever ready to jump in the pool again AT 7 PM mind you!

Made him PROMISE to get out when mummy says so. And he did....partly coz there was a group of Malay kids who were making 'his' pool filthy and rough. He even whispered to me not to let his mui mui play with them or talk to them coz they are so rough! I thought they were rough too actually. And eating biscuits and apples in the pool is NOT COOL! If not for hubby, I would have really told them off!

Dinner was at this place I have wanted to try since last year. It's called Sunshine Bay and it is really famous for their fired mee sua. We had it with lala and it was really good for the kids. The chicken dish stewed with mui chow was also delightful. Not too expensive too. The locals surprisngly don't know the place. But I guess Ferringhi might be a little out of the way for most of them. It's just after the post office and before the traffic lights when you come from town to Ferringhi. That's the best direction to remember!

Of course at the said traffic lights is the most delicious goreng pisang which I had just before we left. Wanted to eat it the day before but it was sold out by 4+pm.

Day 3 was pool again, of course. What else can you do in one short morning. We also found the games room which HAI had babysitting services! Like the kids will let me go out on my own and leave them there! But there was great Enid Blyton books, some painting classes and vehicles/blocks/playhouse/kitchen to play with. Really cool for the kids.

Went back to Ipoh for one more night and then back to PJ.

Christopher says "It's good to be back. I missed my house."

For once I I growing old that I miss my own bed?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's the holidays!

School holidays never really meant much to me since I left school. When I had Christopher, school holidays became a burden more than a joy. And my first condition for his care taker or kindy was that they can take care of him during school holidays as well.

But this year, school holidays mean so much more to me.

I am glad that my son does not need to struggle with homework everyday.
I am happy that he can wake up a little later or even if he wakes up early, it is ok. He can have a nap later.
I am comforted that he is with his grandparents enjoying his time in the park and having short lessons with my mum.
I am satisfied that he eats well and puts on some weight.

It never occured to me that indeed school holidays must be a time of rest for the child even from the physical place they associate as school.

Blessed am I that my parents love him and are able to take care of him during the school holidays. But I have to say, my son knows how to love his grandparents too. And I can see sometimes that he brings my parents closer as well. How not to when he nags on their behalf and also loves between them.

God, bless Christopher that he will always be a blessings to the people around him.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A new mission for 2012

It was said at the spur of the moment. In truth, it has been in my heart for a few months before I mentioned it. However, humans being humans, I pushed it to the back of my mind. Until one fateful day, I recall not the day or the incident. Maybe Wai Yin can remind me....

But it was said. And the Lord must think me ready to see it through. For Wai Yin indeed acted on it.

So, March will mark the beginning of my involvement in Sunday School.

Initially there were alot of requirements and the information was quite overwhelming. But I have since deciphered everything and set the expectations right.

I actually am looking forward to teaching the kids. I don't mind coming up with ideas and crafts and songs. My concern if whether I can hold their attention that they will understand God's message through me. Getting invovled in a mission is good. It enables God to teach us and mould us. It brings us to our knees in prayer.

Prayerfully I would make God's word come alive not only in my lessons, but light It a flame in my heart.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Registration DONE!

At last, it's all done.

I was a little anxious when I made my way in to register Christopher's primary school. It felt 'weird' being back in a school compound. I was glad I went in the afternoon when school was already out.

And yes....they only have one session so no worries that Christopher will have afternoon school, if it continues this way.

The kerani was very friendly, very kind. I think it comes with working with kids and not adults all the time.

There was a little pond next to the canteen with FISH!  Christopher will love that.

There were 2 compunds seperating the 3 buildings. So the classrooms were quite airy and bright. Each building was 3 storerys tall. We saw the list of classes and there are 4 classes per year except for Primary 3 and 6 with 5 classes.

Saw the girl's toilet but didn't find the boy's.
The few students who were left in school were mainly chinese. A scattering of Indians and a few Malays. Not sure of the mix when everyone's in. It's a co-ed school. The principal is a chinese lady. Didn't meet her but saw her pics. Met the PK HEM and PK Kurikulum though.

On the way out saw some pics of the school's achievements including one on a robotic competition, choral speaking etc.

So...I am very very happy that God lead me to this school. I pray Christopher will have an enjoyable and enriching school experience.