Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's the holidays!

School holidays never really meant much to me since I left school. When I had Christopher, school holidays became a burden more than a joy. And my first condition for his care taker or kindy was that they can take care of him during school holidays as well.

But this year, school holidays mean so much more to me.

I am glad that my son does not need to struggle with homework everyday.
I am happy that he can wake up a little later or even if he wakes up early, it is ok. He can have a nap later.
I am comforted that he is with his grandparents enjoying his time in the park and having short lessons with my mum.
I am satisfied that he eats well and puts on some weight.

It never occured to me that indeed school holidays must be a time of rest for the child even from the physical place they associate as school.

Blessed am I that my parents love him and are able to take care of him during the school holidays. But I have to say, my son knows how to love his grandparents too. And I can see sometimes that he brings my parents closer as well. How not to when he nags on their behalf and also loves between them.

God, bless Christopher that he will always be a blessings to the people around him.

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Small Kucing said...

so fast and school hols nearly over