Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Small deed, big lesson

Have you ever had that feeling of 'striving to reach' where God wants you to be? It always comes to me after a particular sermon or prayer. To strive to have that feeling, be that person, do that right thing. It's very motivating for me. And it's also very uplifting. It also reminds....

2 things.

I just tuned in to Times Square Church for a sermon. I always pray before I enter TSC website that 'Lord, lead me to the sermon you want me to hear now.' I just heard one on relationships, human relationships particularly. It was targeted for youths on choosing partners. It is not something that is totally applicable to me, still it spoke volumes on how a Gody relationship can be, should be, ought to be.

The other thing that happened today, which actually triggered the whole event of entering in TSC website was an email from Simon.

You see, last Sunday, I was teaching Sunday School. As I was leaving, Daniel told me that today's sermon was really good. I remember complaining that the sermon was really long, meaning I would have to spend more time with the kids at Sunday School. So, I was rather ashamed that I had that thought in my mind when I saw Daniel. And I was rather intrigued as to what the sermon was about. The speaker even impressed my parents, mind you!

So, I casually asked Simon about it.

Today I checked my email. And Simon had emailed the sermon to me.

Something small? But after reading the sermon, I felt really touched that Simon would have taken the trouble to actually get it for me and send it to me. It's not a big deal to him but it is a big deal to me.

Coz God took this small deed to remind me of how blessed I am to be in CBC Seapark. To be with people who take the time and effort (no matter how easy it was for him) to meet my needs.

And it was a reminder to me because of late, I have been feeling a little out of place with church. Have even been comparing current with past. And God knows, that is a really bad thing to do.

So Lord, I am sorry for doubting the reason you brought me out of my past church into my present. Forgive me for forgetting how blessed I am that my current family in Christ accepted me and helped me without even knowing me. Forgive me for forgetting the amount of work they and the Pastor went through in accepting Kev and making our marriage happen.

So, if you who are from my SG ever reads this post. Thank God for you. God bless you greatly. May we walk on this road of knowing and loving Christ steadily together.

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Ben and Shaun said...

God works in wonders. Sometimes we may not understand, but rest assured He has the very best for you. He sends "earthly angels" like your friend, Simon to bless you too.