Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This is a female post. has been said (with much sarcasm) that I share information too easily. This is a personal post, in some ways, but the purpose I choose to blog about it is to share information with other's who may have similar conditions. Perhaps they then can also share something I may need to know.

So, anyways.....snide opening remarks aside, this is my story.

When I was preggy with my daughter, I had some bleeding late in my pregnancy. I was told that I had a fibroid which was causing the bleeding. But my (silly) gynae recently confirmed it was not a fibroid per say but something starting with Pxxx. Whatever!!!

After I gave birth, I started to have really heavy bleeding. So much so, I had to stay at home for 1-2 days to avoid any embarrassment. I beared with this for 2 years given the situation varied. However, of late, the pain and the headaches that come with this situation has been harder to bear. Maybe coz I need to keep my wits with me all the time now with Christopher. Also I have had too many an embarrassing situation as it is. Even my son knows something is wrong with mummy.

So, I went to see a gynae last week. And one second into the scan, he said "Yes, I think you may have a fibroid." This after telling me that I got my initial fibroid story wrong ok!

Got dressed and went to have THE talk.

Then he told me "You have something called Adenomyosis". In my mind, I was like thinking 'I thought you told me I may have a fibroid? You are sooo confusing!'

Anyways....he wrote it down on the paper and asked me to do my own reading about it. I reckon he has learnt his lesson so that he need not answer any more further questions. He is like that in that way.

But this adenomyosis has no cure. The only way to help is artifical hormones.

Did I decide to do it? YOU BETCHA. Coz the IUD that I am going to use also acts as a birth control. And really the pain and inconvinience is detrimental to the healthy growth of my kids....and to my holiday planning.

I remember wanting to do this birth control thing a long time ago. Searched some testimonies and didn't get much. Maybe after I get it done, I will let you know how it is going. It's called Mirena and it's the safest birth control I have read about. It is progesteron based and only affects the womb, not the blood stream. It lasts for 5 years but you need to check it after 3/4 years. It costs a whopping RM1K (close to it).

But maybe if it is used as a treatment for my adenomyosis, I can claim insurance. I do hope so.


Mummy to QiQi said...

i used to have very bad menses pain in my teenage years, then huge cysts on both side of my ovaries that requires surgery to remove them. After that, fibroid was discovered too. However everything was gone after I switched to cloth pads, many years later :)

Merryn said...

Sounds very alien with all these medical terms. Will google it up first and read what it is all about. Meanwhile, I hope you are okay...