Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What did we do during the holidays?

I have to say this holidays was the most eventful since I was a kid.

We started the first weekend in Bird Park. At last, I convinced myself that paying that whopping amount to experience something different will be worth it.

The initial part was an open aviary and it was quite great. Hubby was carrying girl and birds started perching all over him. The girl was scared for a while and then just watched after a while.

Boy was more eager to move on! In fact he is always wanting to move on these days. Have to teach him to enjoy the moment.

Anyways, the boy had more fun checking out the map. He doesn't really like loud noise so the birds which made noise were too aggressive for him. The girl was trying to outbeat their voice which was really painful for everyone else to hear!

In the end, I was rather hoping the birds will shut up so that my girl will shut up! Sigh....

I loved the chick hatching area the best. My girl kept hitting the sides which made the poor chicks jump. Would have loved to spend a longer time there if not for her. And for the fact that after which she snatched her brother's precious map!

Met one peacock who took an interest in a packet of junkfood a tourist was eating. It was hilarious and the guy had to hurry up and gobble it up with his kids trying to distract the peacock away.

I had a few jumps myself when one or two birds flew too close to me. Hubby had a good laugh coz it was mummy who jumped more than the kids.

2 hours plus later, I literally was ignoring the kids and looking for the exit. It was getting HOT and I was getting too too tired.

Will I go again? Not in a million years....or until the kids are bigGER or if they ask to go again.
What did Christopher say? "But mummy....you didn't even let me feed the birds....OR THE FISH!"


Anyways.....Christopher then went back to Ipoh for the rest of the week till Thrusday night when we made our way down to Ipoh to pick him up and we headed to PENANG !

Yes....Penang is our annual family trip. This time we stayed 2 nights coz 1 night is really too much of a rush to eat everything! hahahaha...

Took the ferry over this time round....I am all about new experiences this time. The kids enjoyed it. I loved the breeze and the fact that we were smack in town as soon as we arrived.

Where to eat? I told hubby just drive and the first place we come across we will eat there. We ended up in Swatow Lane foodcourt. It was good enough....not too warm, easy parking. And the boy finished up his mun yee mee. The girl just wanted the daddy's ice kacang. Hubby and I shared a char kuer teow and asam laksa. It was GOOD!

Checked into the hotel only to find they had only king size beds or twin beds left. We could not get the double queen bed config. So hubby settled for a king bed and a cot for the girl/boy....whoever!

Spent the rest of the evening in the pool where Christopher made friends with a Chloe, Alyssa and Ben from Perth, Australia. We had chats with A&B's parents through out our stay there coz of the kids. Not sure what happened to C or her parents.

I never thought we would be spending every other waking hour at the pool when we were not roaming Penang. So, it never occured to me to lather the kids with sun block. The kids survived.....I doused them with lotion after the first evening swim. But hubby and I were BURNT. It's hurting us 3 days later so you can imagine.

Dinner at Northam Foodcourt. Gosh....Northam's food is alright but coz it is by the sea and the weather was cool....the atmosphere made up for the alright food. But alright food in Penang is still good by measure, I should say. The boy surprised me by finishing up his spaghetti and some satay and some garlic bread. The sea breeze and the swimming must be doing great for his appetite.

Went to Straits Quay for a walk after that. GOSH.....I so LOVE Penang. There are so many cool places to walk and spend some family time. I wish I could live in Penang, traffic jams aside. There were yachts in the harbour, a lighthouse.....soooo awesome! We were walking up and down deciding which boat we loved the best. Totally awesome.

Night time was horrible though. The girl refused to sleep in her cot so I put her in between us. She cried each time she turned and bumped into us. Or maybe her sun burned areas were hurting her. Both hubby and I were like zombies the next day. But holiday....so die die also have to make the best of the day!

Breakie at the hotel and pool after that.

Lunch the 2nd day was at OFA with cousins. Overpriced and not great at all. But we didn't have to pay...so I cannot complain.

Went biscuit shopping and also went to hubby's family shop in Kek Lok Si foothill to get nutmeg related stuff. I so wanted to do Penang hill but after sweating buckets in Kek Lok Si foothill, I decided I would be too tired to take care of tantrum throwing kids. We headed back to the hotel.

Had ice cream as it was nearing 6 and the lunch was lousy. Christopher was in a bad mood due to lack of sleep and pain behind his neck. Still after some milk shakes, ice cream and fries, he was ever ready to jump in the pool again AT 7 PM mind you!

Made him PROMISE to get out when mummy says so. And he did....partly coz there was a group of Malay kids who were making 'his' pool filthy and rough. He even whispered to me not to let his mui mui play with them or talk to them coz they are so rough! I thought they were rough too actually. And eating biscuits and apples in the pool is NOT COOL! If not for hubby, I would have really told them off!

Dinner was at this place I have wanted to try since last year. It's called Sunshine Bay and it is really famous for their fired mee sua. We had it with lala and it was really good for the kids. The chicken dish stewed with mui chow was also delightful. Not too expensive too. The locals surprisngly don't know the place. But I guess Ferringhi might be a little out of the way for most of them. It's just after the post office and before the traffic lights when you come from town to Ferringhi. That's the best direction to remember!

Of course at the said traffic lights is the most delicious goreng pisang which I had just before we left. Wanted to eat it the day before but it was sold out by 4+pm.

Day 3 was pool again, of course. What else can you do in one short morning. We also found the games room which HAI had babysitting services! Like the kids will let me go out on my own and leave them there! But there was great Enid Blyton books, some painting classes and vehicles/blocks/playhouse/kitchen to play with. Really cool for the kids.

Went back to Ipoh for one more night and then back to PJ.

Christopher says "It's good to be back. I missed my house."

For once I agree.....am I growing old that I miss my own bed?


Small Kucing said...

ya very tiring going to the zoo and birds parks. I was pretty exhausted when i went to Melaka zoo last year.

Thank godness you didnt post up the CKT and asam laksa that you had in Penang else i would be droooling away hahaha

Have a nice day, Ann :)

LittleLamb said...

Since he likes swimming, bring him over to our place. he and p can play together.

i like your "annual trip". at least there is something to look forward too every yr!!!