Sunday, April 8, 2012

God within goes without

I am such a hopeless emotional person.

I reckon sometimes my emotions make me so naive. In that I am easily touched by what people say or act that I believe the best of them.

Anyways....I was looking through some youtube-s on Scotty McCreery. Yes, I am a great fan of country music and I love Scotty. And there was one song in particular that made me cry and reminded me of something.

The song was Where were you (when the world stopped turning). Originally sung by Garth Brooke who also did a great job with the song. But half way while Scotty was singing it, he had to turn away and break the emotion.

I feel it's great when people feel deeply about something. I don't understand it when someone goes to the 9-11 memorial site, for example, and feels nothing.

With Scotty, all through out AI, I felt the judges looked at him and saw a little glimpse of God. And they respected him for his belief in God. And he managed to reach into them so that they may see how marvelous God is through his life.

I remembered one time when I was working in my previous company that someone told me.

"You smile all the time. You must have God in your life."

If you ever heard something like that, you really give glory to God. There is no victory for me. I don't feel proud at all regarding anything I have done or said or did. But I just give glory to God for it is Him that allows my joy to reach out to others. And we were not even talking about God in anyway in all that days.

Truly, only God can transform. But when you are the vessel to bring about such a transformation, it really brings greater joy in your heart.

May I always be in that joy....God's joy. And may it light up the lives of the people around me so that they may catch a glimpse of God.  


eugene said...

I really like your sharing here,, it is indeed that God that strengthens us within,only than we can have peace within and without,,,

You know I like to wake up and helping my wife with the children for school,when they are gone, I would love to sit down all by myself about 6.15 am or so,, and start to pray and often than not, I ask God to do one thing to me,,," Do your best to me,I am willing"

God bless ya,,,

Ben and Shaun said...

God shall be your joy and your strength. We just celebrated Good Friday and Easter, a great time to remember that Jesus was bruised, beaten and by His stripes, you are healed physically and emotionally. Claim that healing which was provided for us on the cross.