Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mirena for Adenomyosis

So, 2 weeks later, I called up my doctor at the hospital to make an appointment to insert the Mirena. Hopefully the Mirena will help with my adenomyosis.

But my oh my......

Of course when I went in, I was told the doc had an emergency C-sec to do and thus would be a few hours late. With 5 other patients before me, hubby and I decided to go for a walk.

When I was called in at last, doc sent me out again to do a blood test. Just to check if I was anemic. I should have told him there and then I was not and save myself from Agony #1.

I have always had trouble with blood. The docs really find it hard to find my vein. And sometimes I would end up with swollen inner elbows or blue blacks on my outer palm. But this time round, ater 5-6 pokes on my right and eventually 2 pokes on my left, they managed to located the vein. Is it true there can be more than one veins to get blood? I don't know....but this vein they managed to poke the needle in couldn't given them much blood. After a SUCTION and a good 5 minutes, all they managed to get was 1 ml of blood. The guy looked at me and shook his head, gave me a deep sigh and asked me why my blood was so thick? How the h*** do I know??? Could it be my genetically high cholesterol?

Anyways, throbbing hands aside, I went back to my gynae. It was maybe a 10 minute wait before the nurse ushered me in the examination room.

The cervical canal insertion was alright...although they had to keep it there a little longer while they prepared the Mirena. He showed me the Mirena and I was like 'just GET IT DONE'! But's a rather small device in a shape of a T. He also shoved into my hand a write up that came with the packaging.

I gripped the side of the bed 3-4 times during the Mirena insertion. It was like giving birth but backwards....and maybe not that long. The 5 minute procedure was really painful.

It also left me with cramps for 2 days and heavy spotting for 4 days now. There was slight bloating for the first 24 hours. I couldn't decide if it made me feel menstruating or pregnant.

But is in. Prayerfully this month will be good.

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Family First said...

Hi Ann, just read abt this. I've also read abt IUD but ..... So how are you now?