Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Normal boring weekend....

We have been having 2 'fun' filled weekends.

The first weekend being the celebration of Caylee's birthday. Yes, our little girl is TWO. And nope, she still has a mouth of gold. But she loves carrying hand bags now. Still loving her clips and other hair accessories. Nope, still refuses dresses unless she is in a grand mood. Sings and dances sometimes though we don't know what gibberish she is saying.

Action wise, loving to kick the ball. And learning to open packets of Mamee. She has mastered the tunnel slides and climbing stairs unaided. Still scary! But I have learnt that she is quite steady on her feet as long as you don't scare her and she is concentrating.

She had 2 meal celebrations with each side and 2 cakes to blow.

It was really comical coz she knew exactly what to do. She sat quietly while we sang to her. 1st cake she blew out the candles when told to. 2nd cake she kept on blowing out the candles and we kept on having to light them again. After that, she would take the knife and attempt to cut it. Then she knows she can leave and let mummy do the serving.

And last weekend we had a pool party in my hubby's boss' condo. The place was exquisite...spoiled only by the evidence of kids! hahahaha.....We had loads of church activities as well last weekend so it went by very fast. I was literally dragging my feet the entire weekend trying to just get by.

I tell you KIDS ! They sleep like 8-9 hours and jump around like crazy. While I sleep 8-9 hours and wish the sun would not rise! What is in THAT MILK???

Anyways.....I am looking forward to a quiet weekend coming up. Maybe we can bring Christopher to the Joy Arts Club we found earlier. He is looking forward to it and I hope it would spark some of his creativity.

Don't you like a normal boring weekend sometimes?


mNhL said...

haha...i have the same wish as yours - sun won't rise.

Happy belated B'day Caylee...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Princess Caylee :)

Oh yeah, I love to have some boring weekends sometimes because the weekend goes so fast.

Family First said...

No photos???

LittleLamb said...

Blessed birthday to Caylee.