Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time Synchronization

It's a mess!!!

We have several time telling devices in our household - handphone, watch, wall clock, car clock, alarm clock. And all of them tell us a different time.

We also have an indication of time from the radio if news always comes up at the 30 minute or 0'clock anymore. And also from Astro, if their time is the right one.

But time I guess is important to let us know when somethings are to start....and when it is time to get up and start the day.

So....I guess it is logical for me to set my house wall clock to be the same as the ASTRO time - since my son uses that time to tell him when his Ben 10 is to start.

And I will set my alarm clock 5 minutes faster so that I will always have a 5 minute allowance to dilly dally in the morning. (like I dilly dally!)

I will set my handphone time to be the same as my car clock time which is to be the same as the radio news time so that I will know when to turn up the volume and listen to the news in the car. And so that I will not have a heartattack when I follow my handphone clock only to find that I am running early/late when I get into the car.

I don't wear a watch so that's one less time to worry about.

And then I have to synchronize all of hubby's devices to meet MY TIME so that he will never be late.

Are all your time telling devices synchronized?


Small Kucing said... house the same....most of the clock have different time

Mommy to Chumsy said...

sigh...unfortunately no and i'm too lazy to reach up to the wall clocks. some are 5 mins later and some 6 minutes faster :P