Thursday, May 31, 2012

Payless @ Paradigm Mall

When I first saw this shop....I was like "This is so New York!". OK....truth be told I don't know if it really originates from NY or if this shop is like everywhere. But the only shoe I bought from Payless was in Manhattan! I mean, there, you really pay less when you buy a shoe. Here???

Well...maybe you do pay less coz the shoes are really comfortable. At least the one I tried and didn't buy but am still thinking about. And the others which I also tried which I considered but have managed to put out of my mind.

But, it's really X factoring price. At least compared to the likes of Vincci or even maybe WalkIn. If you really can compare.

So, in Payless, you get the size and then just go to the aisle that has all the shoes of that size. And then you look at ever shoe box opened and just try try try. You least you are trying on shoes that actually fit you without bothering the sales people.

The concept is new to some....I saw 2 girls walking the aisles before they actually caught on to the idea of Payless.

Anyways.....the denim shoe is still in my mind. But it costs RM53 for a shoe I don't really need but would like to have. You know what I mean? Decisions.....decisions.....

Busy Corner not that busy

It was not that busy actually, which was why I decided to try Restoran Busy Corner.

It was 8 pm on a rainy Thursday. We braved the drizzle and ran to the shop, passing by smoke filled cyber cafes on the way! Oh gosh......

We tried the black pepper chicken claypot, had a yau mak vege and 2 herbal drinks. Cost us RM21 in total and filled 2 and a half bellies.

It's not bad. Enough pepper taste without it being too spicy for my 2 year old. But then again she takes wasabi and curry puffs! Though I reckon hubby still thinks the Kampar Claypot Chicken Rice is much better, although he didn't really say it out loud.

Will come back again to try the lam yue claypot and the thai chicken. They have yam too but I don't like yam.

FYI address is: 83 Jalan SS 22/11 Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

New camera

So, we bought our new camera yesterday. It was really spur of the moment decision to even enter the shop. But I think we got it in the end more due to the sale lady than anything else. She was a real sport and let us compare and try so many cameras. Also, she spoke good english and really knew her products.

So, we ended up with the Lumix DMC-TZ20 in the end. Cost Rm850 with a 8GB chip and casing (as usual).

I was taking care of girl just outside the shop and hubby was inside looking at the cameras. He asked me what was my criteria. I just shouted...."Any camera that can show me a good shot of this girl in action, I will get that!"

And indeed the Lumix managed a clear natural shot of her. I 'blame' it on the Leica lens. It's just too good. The Sony pic turned out a little yellowish, if you know what I mean.

The lady specifically warned us not to charge the battery overnight. Max 4 hours, that is it. And now reading some reviews, the battery life span for  Lumix aint that great. But oh well......we don't really do much with it anyways. And we aren't travelling overseas yet these next few years to warrant a battery life span that lasts days.

So now I am getting used to the touch screen and the feel of the camera. Admittedly, the Lumix is way heavier and bulkier than my Sony. But anyways......

And did I tell you I got it in bronze? :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hubby downunder and comments about the kids...

It's a little back dated. But the IT system in my workplace is down so it's no better time to catch up on blogging my memories.

Hubby went to Melbourne last week.

About Melbourne, it was cold, he was unprepared. Had to borrow some clothes from his cousins in Melbourne. Good thing he had relatives there. The bad thing about relatives though is that they buy so much stuff for everyone else back home and ask you to carry it on their behalf. He literally came back with half a suitcase full of stuff for his mum. And he had to leave another luggage behind coz these Aussies are really strict with what constitues carry on luggage and what is the weight of the luggage checked in. So anyways, my MIL was also disappointed not seeing her 2 tins of 2.5 kg Milo.

Hubby got me opal from Aussie. I love opal. But I forgot to tell him about the 2 layer and 3 layer opal. So, he bought the 2 layer one for me. At 50%, he got it at AUD30.

While hubby was gone, I had to take care of the 2 kids with the help of my parents. And I realised that there are 3 ways external people deal with my kids when they misbehave.

One way would be to tell me when they misbehave and expect me to deal and stop with the behaviour.
Number 2 would be to scold them to stop their misbehaviour.
And finally some would take it upon themself to distract them away from their misbehaviour.

Do you know which way is best?

Even the Pastor in my church smiles at me and comments "They are realy active arent's they! I will pray for you."

I also realised why I don't yell at my kids as often as some would expect me to. It's because sometimes they will get over it and stop. Sometimes I have gotten used to their ways and am able to overlook it. And mainly I am too tired to yell at everything they do. I just pick the battles that build character and leave misdemeanors as misdemeanors.

Oh well....I guess I will have to accept that some consider me strict and some consider me lenient. I just pray that God help me bring up my kids to be sensible kids.

Last day of 1st test

I am so glad it's the last day and that we have holidays to look forward to.

Christopher had his English, Malay, Chinese and then today Maths test this week.

Initially I didn't know what or how the test will be So I coached him mainly in his reading and spelling. After his first day which was English he told me he didn't answer one of the questions coz he didn't know what they wanted.

Gosh....he doesn't know how to read the instructions. I never coached him in instructions. And you know there are some words there that he has not learnt. Sigh....

Malay turned out good. Hubby told me the teacher told him that he got everything correct. All my scoldings turned out for something after all.

He said Chinese was ok. I don't know what he means by OK but never mind. It's OK.

Maths should be ok for him too if he doesn't make careless mistakes.

I feel a reward is required after all this hard work. But with Caylee still sick and hubby and I on the verge of coming down with something, his reward may just be a day out eating in a restaurant. Kids don't ask for much.

Tommorrow is party day so we are going party shopping tonight for some party goodies. It's nice to be a kid.....exams aside.

Hunger Games trilogy

I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy yesterday evening.

Wow....I have never found a series that engaging since......Twillight.
Once I started on Book 1, I was practically reading any chance I got. And kept bugging Simon to pass me the next, pass me the next! :)

I can't say much for the ending. I feel it created to allow for what Katniss did.

I like who she ended up with and the reason why she ended up with this person.

If you have never read this series, it's a good series to consider. And read it before you watch the movie. There seldom is a time where a movie potrays a characted better than words.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Caylee's talking....but...

Caylee followed me speaking yesterday.

What was I saying that made her follow diligently at last?

Ma ma, Pa pa, Ke Ke - all in mandarin. in the world am I going to continue teaching her when my mandarin is so limited?
I really think it's time for kindy for her.

Ordinarily when I try to teach her English words she would not even follow what I am saying or even show interest in what I am saying.

So....anyway.....she is talking.....but....

IUD update

OK....this is a strictly female post. Read at your own risk.
Today is the first official day my bleeding seems to have stopped. It has been 6 weeks 3 days since. I still have very bad headaches come this time. Guess some part of my hormons are still working pre-IUD days. I shall see how things go till next month.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Christopher's learning

This year is a year of creative skills for me and Christopher.

I have started on my sketching while he has been going for art classes every Saturday.

It has been his 3rd class and he still looks forward to going. In fact in his 2nd class, he even told me I can leave him there and go off. He has no problem following the class and making new friends. Very unlike the 1st time I brought him and he voiced concern about making new friends.

I have received feedback that he always waits for instructions to do things. And if he is unsure, he will wait for teacher to help. That is my boy. He has imagination but not creativity. I am hoping the 36 classes I signed him up for will help him learn how to work out his imagination.

I paid some RM820 for his 36 classes and he got a free tiral because I signed up on the same day.

The classes usually start with a song/show/story featuring some thing and then they draw/craft things relating to that same thing. His frist craft of a kite fish was soooo interesting. So far he has also made plasticine sushi and last week a card.

There are about 4-5 students in his class but most of them are buyers of a Groupon deal and not really students. So, I am thinking this number will drop in a few months time.

I am glad he is enjoying the class. And I pray his creativity will make real his imagination and take him far into his dreams. If he can dream it, one day I pray he will make it happen.

As for me....I am still trying to find a good book on sketching. Getting there, we are.

Caylee's skills

What my little girl has been up to so far:

She took her kor kor's scissors and cut her hair. A huge turf on hair right of the top. It wasn't cut too close to the crop and she has quite fine hair. So, it still managed to fall down and not stand up! And she handles the scissors very well for her age. Held right with the right use of strength.

She knows how to wear her shirt and pants. She also knows how to put own her socks and wear her park shoes. ALL CORRECTLY! It was quite funny when she first put on her shirt coz she was mimicking me teaching Christopher how to help put on his mui mui's shirt. And next thing I know, she had it all bunched up in her two little hands and over her head. With her pants, she know to put her hand to the back and pull up the back part of the pants over her diaper.

She colours...but not within the lines like her kor kor. She doesn't like to be controlled in that way. So unlike kor kor, she prefers a blank piece of paper.

She loves the piano and has so far told me everytime she is interested to learn.

As for speech, she won't talk. And then one day surprise you with phrases like "No more" and "Sit down". She can call me "Mami" loud and clear when she wants to. Otherwise, she shows no motivation to speak. I still think it's the 3 languages that she is being exposed to that is causing this confusion. A simple word like 'dirty' can also be 'cha cha', 'u cho', 'dirty' depending who is talking to her.

I am continuously still amazed at her dexterity. I am praying for the day when she would surprise me with her gift of the gap.