Saturday, May 12, 2012

Caylee's skills

What my little girl has been up to so far:

She took her kor kor's scissors and cut her hair. A huge turf on hair right of the top. It wasn't cut too close to the crop and she has quite fine hair. So, it still managed to fall down and not stand up! And she handles the scissors very well for her age. Held right with the right use of strength.

She knows how to wear her shirt and pants. She also knows how to put own her socks and wear her park shoes. ALL CORRECTLY! It was quite funny when she first put on her shirt coz she was mimicking me teaching Christopher how to help put on his mui mui's shirt. And next thing I know, she had it all bunched up in her two little hands and over her head. With her pants, she know to put her hand to the back and pull up the back part of the pants over her diaper.

She colours...but not within the lines like her kor kor. She doesn't like to be controlled in that way. So unlike kor kor, she prefers a blank piece of paper.

She loves the piano and has so far told me everytime she is interested to learn.

As for speech, she won't talk. And then one day surprise you with phrases like "No more" and "Sit down". She can call me "Mami" loud and clear when she wants to. Otherwise, she shows no motivation to speak. I still think it's the 3 languages that she is being exposed to that is causing this confusion. A simple word like 'dirty' can also be 'cha cha', 'u cho', 'dirty' depending who is talking to her.

I am continuously still amazed at her dexterity. I am praying for the day when she would surprise me with her gift of the gap.

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