Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hubby downunder and comments about the kids...

It's a little back dated. But the IT system in my workplace is down so it's no better time to catch up on blogging my memories.

Hubby went to Melbourne last week.

About Melbourne, it was cold, he was unprepared. Had to borrow some clothes from his cousins in Melbourne. Good thing he had relatives there. The bad thing about relatives though is that they buy so much stuff for everyone else back home and ask you to carry it on their behalf. He literally came back with half a suitcase full of stuff for his mum. And he had to leave another luggage behind coz these Aussies are really strict with what constitues carry on luggage and what is the weight of the luggage checked in. So anyways, my MIL was also disappointed not seeing her 2 tins of 2.5 kg Milo.

Hubby got me opal from Aussie. I love opal. But I forgot to tell him about the 2 layer and 3 layer opal. So, he bought the 2 layer one for me. At 50%, he got it at AUD30.

While hubby was gone, I had to take care of the 2 kids with the help of my parents. And I realised that there are 3 ways external people deal with my kids when they misbehave.

One way would be to tell me when they misbehave and expect me to deal and stop with the behaviour.
Number 2 would be to scold them to stop their misbehaviour.
And finally some would take it upon themself to distract them away from their misbehaviour.

Do you know which way is best?

Even the Pastor in my church smiles at me and comments "They are realy active arent's they! I will pray for you."

I also realised why I don't yell at my kids as often as some would expect me to. It's because sometimes they will get over it and stop. Sometimes I have gotten used to their ways and am able to overlook it. And mainly I am too tired to yell at everything they do. I just pick the battles that build character and leave misdemeanors as misdemeanors.

Oh well....I guess I will have to accept that some consider me strict and some consider me lenient. I just pray that God help me bring up my kids to be sensible kids.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Your mil wants a 2.5kg milo from aussie? are they a lot different from the ones here?

Regarding your question abt the ways to deal with kids, i would usually choose no. 2 :P

MeRy said...

any different Milo malaysia n milo Aussie?...

Ben and Shaun said...

Bringing up kids are never easy. We need lots of prayers and wisdom. Everyone requires different parenting skills as each child is unique.

Prayer can do wonders. Pray and leave the rest to God. My husband believes in daily blessings for the kids. I am amazed, but I do think it works miraculously.

My husband's daily blessings for the kids are getting longer. He would place his right hand on the child's head and say "You are my beloved, in you I am well pleased. And on you my favour rest". We also pray that God will grant them wisdom and favour from God and men.

Small Kucing said...

Msia no Milo ka?

Family First said...

I confirm, Aussie milo more BEST than m'sian ones. The ones here made in thailand, different taste! Dont believe - try. Can get "australian recipe" milo from Singapore - damn good too!!

Totally understand the "too tired" feeling. I too, lost count of how many times I lost my temper but after a while, too tired la. You wanna run, climb, scream, anything - do lah, as long as it does not shed blood, Im fine.

LittleLamb said...

when in doubt, seek God. We grew up in the old school whereby everything is scold scold, punish punish. I always try to remember n practice "WWJD" in all situations.

Show ur opal.

Irene said...

Yes, Australian milo is different from Malaysian milo, we always get the second grades. My parents in law used to buy milo from Singapore on their trips down, coz they are Australian type.

As for parenting style, I rather stricter than too lenient. But each child is different so you must tailor your disciplinary action to the child character. Active is not necessary naught. Playful, mischievous is ok. But rudeness is something we must not tolerate.

Charmaine said...

Another Msian who buys Oz Milo. Never noticed the difference until someone mentioned the Milo in Oz is more chocolatey. All children have different temperaments, what works for one may not work with the other. But I also favour strict more, within reason.