Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last day of 1st test

I am so glad it's the last day and that we have holidays to look forward to.

Christopher had his English, Malay, Chinese and then today Maths test this week.

Initially I didn't know what or how the test will be So I coached him mainly in his reading and spelling. After his first day which was English he told me he didn't answer one of the questions coz he didn't know what they wanted.

Gosh....he doesn't know how to read the instructions. I never coached him in instructions. And you know there are some words there that he has not learnt. Sigh....

Malay turned out good. Hubby told me the teacher told him that he got everything correct. All my scoldings turned out for something after all.

He said Chinese was ok. I don't know what he means by OK but never mind. It's OK.

Maths should be ok for him too if he doesn't make careless mistakes.

I feel a reward is required after all this hard work. But with Caylee still sick and hubby and I on the verge of coming down with something, his reward may just be a day out eating in a restaurant. Kids don't ask for much.

Tommorrow is party day so we are going party shopping tonight for some party goodies. It's nice to be a kid.....exams aside.

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LittleLamb said...

I didnt set any expectations. The results came back n i saw some careless mistakes. Then I told myself..who is perfect. I rather discipline behaviour than mistakes.