Thursday, May 31, 2012

New camera

So, we bought our new camera yesterday. It was really spur of the moment decision to even enter the shop. But I think we got it in the end more due to the sale lady than anything else. She was a real sport and let us compare and try so many cameras. Also, she spoke good english and really knew her products.

So, we ended up with the Lumix DMC-TZ20 in the end. Cost Rm850 with a 8GB chip and casing (as usual).

I was taking care of girl just outside the shop and hubby was inside looking at the cameras. He asked me what was my criteria. I just shouted...."Any camera that can show me a good shot of this girl in action, I will get that!"

And indeed the Lumix managed a clear natural shot of her. I 'blame' it on the Leica lens. It's just too good. The Sony pic turned out a little yellowish, if you know what I mean.

The lady specifically warned us not to charge the battery overnight. Max 4 hours, that is it. And now reading some reviews, the battery life span for  Lumix aint that great. But oh well......we don't really do much with it anyways. And we aren't travelling overseas yet these next few years to warrant a battery life span that lasts days.

So now I am getting used to the touch screen and the feel of the camera. Admittedly, the Lumix is way heavier and bulkier than my Sony. But anyways......

And did I tell you I got it in bronze? :)

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