Thursday, May 31, 2012

Payless @ Paradigm Mall

When I first saw this shop....I was like "This is so New York!". OK....truth be told I don't know if it really originates from NY or if this shop is like everywhere. But the only shoe I bought from Payless was in Manhattan! I mean, there, you really pay less when you buy a shoe. Here???

Well...maybe you do pay less coz the shoes are really comfortable. At least the one I tried and didn't buy but am still thinking about. And the others which I also tried which I considered but have managed to put out of my mind.

But, it's really X factoring price. At least compared to the likes of Vincci or even maybe WalkIn. If you really can compare.

So, in Payless, you get the size and then just go to the aisle that has all the shoes of that size. And then you look at ever shoe box opened and just try try try. You least you are trying on shoes that actually fit you without bothering the sales people.

The concept is new to some....I saw 2 girls walking the aisles before they actually caught on to the idea of Payless.

Anyways.....the denim shoe is still in my mind. But it costs RM53 for a shoe I don't really need but would like to have. You know what I mean? Decisions.....decisions.....


LittleLamb said...

The one in Pyramid is almost 2 yrs. Yes in the US, the price is about USD15-20 only.

Small Kucing said...

uiks one more in Paradigm ya.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

what? another one at Paradigm? ok, i really must visit this mall soon. i dislike going to Sunway pyramid. It's like a maze there.