Monday, June 18, 2012

Meeting the teacher

So, 4 days after my son told me he had to sit alone in class, I was due to meet the teacher. I had no intentions of bringing this up. But the teacher cornered me and had lots to say about him. Eventually bringing this issue up in her report.

There are 2 teachers who teach Christopher - Ms W and Ms C.

Ms C is the principal, teaches my boy in English and BM, the one who takes care of them during day care and also EXTREMLY STRICT. Ms W is the one who teaches my boy Maths and Chinese. Her primary language is cantonese/mandarin so I can imagine she is not so forceful when she has to speak english.

My son prefers Ms W to Ms C for obvious reasons. And as a result Ms W does get 'bullied' by my son. I son is REALLY TALKATIVE!

So, as soon as Ms W sits down with me, she reports this very fact. And this is how she puts it:

"When I tell the class, 'We will do page 3 today', you son-ah, he will tell his friend on his right 'Turn to page 3', then he will turn to the left 'Teacher says turn to page 3', and then to the back 'Turn to page 3-ah!'."

And he does this for everything Ms W says. Writing the date, what to do etc.

So, you can imagine how much talking he does and how little action he himself is doing. And he should be concentrating on what is being said rather than concentrating on what is said.

So, according to Ms W, she finishes her teaching and then puts my son aside and forces him to finish his work. And she says "He can write his chinese very well when he concentrates." get the picture now right. KIDS !!! So anyways, Ms W is quite a good teacher I would say and I totally understand why she segregated Christopher from the rest of the class. And she has agreed to continue teaching Christopher mandarin even when he is in primary school. So, anyone want to join and make a class 2 years from now?

Ms C had her own share of complaints. She remarked my son doesn't dare to talk alot in her class. But because of that, he tends to NOD OFF !!!! GOSH! I don't know if I should laugh. But I dare not coz Ms C is really fierce! But my son, I understand, tends to dream away.

So, that was our meeting on a hazy Saturday morning. I had a look through his exam papers. Wow...they really were exam papers, 4-5 2 sided sheets of paper with instructions to do this and that. He scored the highest for English and the lowest was Mandarin. I was quite surprised with his results, all bearing above 90. Prayerfully this mummy will be hardworking everyday to make studying interesting and enjoyable for him.

Panasonic Service Centre, Aino and anti-scratch sponge

My mum has been complaining about my rice cooker inner pot for some time now. It has some scratches and she deems it inappropriate for further usage.

It's good that she I got off my lazy bum and went to the Panasonic Service Centre in Shah Alam to get a replacement.

Best to call in advance just to make sure they have stock.

My inner pot cost me RM95 and a long debate with hubby if it was worth replacing. After all the old kind of rice cookers cost just slightly less and I can throw chicken in there without worrying if the bones will scratch the pot.

Anyways....the multi functions available on my rice cooker won the day. And hubby and I decided that perhaps it was not the sharp ended bones that caused the scratches but the sponge we are using?

After all, my mum also claims the same frying pan she has, has outlived my 2 frying how in the world do I cook or clean? Hahaha....Time to replace my frying pan too!

So apart from the new inner pot, we decided to look for a sponge like my mum's. It's anti scratch so to say from Scotch (?) and it costs a bomb. We decided on an alternative which looks the same and hopefully works just as well too at half the price - RM5.

So, 1 Panasonic inner pot, 1 Aino frying pan and 1 new (Japanese) anti scratch sponge. Hope these will last me longer than their predecessors.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Growing up.

Something is happening this year. I can't really put my finger on it.

It started late last year, requesting an eternal diamond ring from hubby. I got it just before Christmas. It wasn't that expensive but I have NEVER EVER requested for diamonds. For that matter, I have never ever bought something so unpractical before.

Then early this year, I decided I will spend some time and money doing sketching. Bought some sketch books, making do with pencils and bought 2 books on sketching from US.

I also ordered a Coach handbag. I am not really a Coach person, per say. But I just want to own one in my lifetime.

I also bought a Levi and several Paul Frank shirts. I know you might think Levi is nothing really big. But to me, a Levi is like what....premium jeans? I spend half on a Giordana which fits me just fine! So, there is no reason for a Levi actually. But just my lifetime.

And Paul Frank (and some other branded shirts) to me was a no-no. Coz a shirt...I mean....should be just comfortable and presentable. Why pay more for the label? Coz seriously we aren't paying for the quality. I have Uniqlo shirts which cost less but are better that Paul Frank. Uniqlo in fact to me is rare.

Then the Opal ear-rings that I asked hubby to buy. I would have asked him to get a Hardrock for me too, if not for the fact they no longer exist.

Now I am eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S3. And some beautifying stuff that I would have never considered last year.

Bought a new camera....but I am not going to put that on me. After all hubby uses that too.

So, I am not sure what is it about me this year. I just feel I don't want to deprive myself anymore. Spending....or splurging a little bit to make me happy ain't all a bad thing. Maybe I won't take it out on hubby then when he spends or goes out to enjoy himself and I am stuck at home. Not with pleasures to keep me occupied at home.

I am growing up. Learning to let go. Learning to love myself.

***Updated 13th June 2012***
Hubby got me Pleasures yesterday! It's my first perfume costing more than RM100 and I LOVE IT! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GM Klang

So we visited GM Klang Wholesale last Saturday.

My first impression was "Is this place really worth the long drive?"

It was filled with loads of people at 11 am. Granted it's a public holiday but can't these people park better?

Anyways, there are 6 pavillions constituting the entire area. We first entered Pavillion 3 and made our way to 6,5,4,2 and 1. It was a good thing we only had one kid coz we left the place near 1pm and I was literally fainting! Due to hunger not heat.

In Pavillion 3, I told hubby "I don't think I will even come here again." I was still getting over the long drive we had to take.

But by the time I hit Pavillion 5, I changed my mind. But then....I am a sucker for cheap thrills.

I loved the wholesale shops that were filled with stationaries, sticker books, activity books, colouring books, 5coloured pens, all kinds of cute pens.

Saw bags for my kids there at RM17 which were of really good quality. Saw some bags there which were sold cheap, at retail price not wholesale price which were sold outrageously at those kiosks in shopping malls.

Even saw loads of children character shirts at prices I would have willingly paid double.

We spent RM40 in total. Bought a Ben10 shirt and an Angry Bird bag for Christopher in prep for his birthday at RM9 and RM17. Bought a doodle (which is quite good quality) for Caylee at RM10. Bought 4 books of stickers (each book about 200+ stickers) for RM10.

Would I go again? Perhaps....given the long drive there. If I had stuff to buy since I know now what they sell there. There were 2 piece childrens clothings for RM19, believe it of not. Quite good quality too.

Maybe I will bring my mum there. Another long drive dearie?