Wednesday, June 6, 2012

GM Klang

So we visited GM Klang Wholesale last Saturday.

My first impression was "Is this place really worth the long drive?"

It was filled with loads of people at 11 am. Granted it's a public holiday but can't these people park better?

Anyways, there are 6 pavillions constituting the entire area. We first entered Pavillion 3 and made our way to 6,5,4,2 and 1. It was a good thing we only had one kid coz we left the place near 1pm and I was literally fainting! Due to hunger not heat.

In Pavillion 3, I told hubby "I don't think I will even come here again." I was still getting over the long drive we had to take.

But by the time I hit Pavillion 5, I changed my mind. But then....I am a sucker for cheap thrills.

I loved the wholesale shops that were filled with stationaries, sticker books, activity books, colouring books, 5coloured pens, all kinds of cute pens.

Saw bags for my kids there at RM17 which were of really good quality. Saw some bags there which were sold cheap, at retail price not wholesale price which were sold outrageously at those kiosks in shopping malls.

Even saw loads of children character shirts at prices I would have willingly paid double.

We spent RM40 in total. Bought a Ben10 shirt and an Angry Bird bag for Christopher in prep for his birthday at RM9 and RM17. Bought a doodle (which is quite good quality) for Caylee at RM10. Bought 4 books of stickers (each book about 200+ stickers) for RM10.

Would I go again? Perhaps....given the long drive there. If I had stuff to buy since I know now what they sell there. There were 2 piece childrens clothings for RM19, believe it of not. Quite good quality too.

Maybe I will bring my mum there. Another long drive dearie?


Small Kucing said...

have not heard of this place. Maybe will go and see since you highly recommend

Family First said...

There have a billboard near my house and I always wondered if it was any good. Perhaps this can be one of my weekend no where to go outing trip!

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Jobless Girl said...

The item there is cheap if you buy in bulk.