Saturday, June 9, 2012

Growing up.

Something is happening this year. I can't really put my finger on it.

It started late last year, requesting an eternal diamond ring from hubby. I got it just before Christmas. It wasn't that expensive but I have NEVER EVER requested for diamonds. For that matter, I have never ever bought something so unpractical before.

Then early this year, I decided I will spend some time and money doing sketching. Bought some sketch books, making do with pencils and bought 2 books on sketching from US.

I also ordered a Coach handbag. I am not really a Coach person, per say. But I just want to own one in my lifetime.

I also bought a Levi and several Paul Frank shirts. I know you might think Levi is nothing really big. But to me, a Levi is like what....premium jeans? I spend half on a Giordana which fits me just fine! So, there is no reason for a Levi actually. But just my lifetime.

And Paul Frank (and some other branded shirts) to me was a no-no. Coz a shirt...I mean....should be just comfortable and presentable. Why pay more for the label? Coz seriously we aren't paying for the quality. I have Uniqlo shirts which cost less but are better that Paul Frank. Uniqlo in fact to me is rare.

Then the Opal ear-rings that I asked hubby to buy. I would have asked him to get a Hardrock for me too, if not for the fact they no longer exist.

Now I am eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S3. And some beautifying stuff that I would have never considered last year.

Bought a new camera....but I am not going to put that on me. After all hubby uses that too.

So, I am not sure what is it about me this year. I just feel I don't want to deprive myself anymore. Spending....or splurging a little bit to make me happy ain't all a bad thing. Maybe I won't take it out on hubby then when he spends or goes out to enjoy himself and I am stuck at home. Not with pleasures to keep me occupied at home.

I am growing up. Learning to let go. Learning to love myself.

***Updated 13th June 2012***
Hubby got me Pleasures yesterday! It's my first perfume costing more than RM100 and I LOVE IT! :)


eeee said...

There are two main questions on my mind when I read your post:
(and also ask WWJD)

1. Why does spending money on material thing make you happy? I would think as a mother spending time with your children would make you happier than spending money on expensive goods.

2. Why does your husband go out to enjoy himself without you? I would think he would be enjoying himself with his wife and children and making sure they enjoy themselves too in his company.

Baby Darren said...

hahaha..give me five..

same here..I received a Coach bag as Christmas present last year and I bought a diamond eternal ring too last April (my wedding ring could not fit my finger anymore after my FIRST baby). I get a semi DSLR camera last birthday. I bought a doll house for myself just because I had been wanting a doll house when I was young but no chance to have one. And now...seriously, I am eyeing on a smart phone too though I tell myself, I will only get one if my current one spoil.

I think it is because we feel that we have been working so hard for the family and children, we should pamper ourselves once in a while. We need to take care of ourselves too. As long we can afford, I don't think we are asking too much..since we were never like that before..:)

Mom's The Cook said...
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Mommy to Chumsy said...'s good to spend on yourself. you deserve it :)

Poh Nee said...

Ann, it is because "You are worth it!!"
hee hee...taking the quote from Loreal k...

Grace said...

To me it's's too short to deprive yourself of things. if i want something and i can afford it, i won't hesitate. I will tell myself that i should be thankful that i'm alive, and be able to enjoy this things. Keep too much also no good..keep for what also i donno. So long as I have enough savings, which i contribute a specific amount to every month, then i can enjoy the rest of it! :)

Nina said...

i've been reading your blog silently on and off for years now. this post really caught my eye coz it's so much like what i've been going through recently! yes its ok to let go and love yourself a little bit more as long as u know ure not beyond reason! here's to you!

Family First said...

I feel you Ann. And its totally ok to pamper yourself for one whole long year!!! Not only once in a while. I dont have a DSLR camera and I use the Iphone my hubby handed down to me. I have nothing from Uniqlo let alone from any other brands .. and nope, not even a Coach. And yeah, not that I really need one cos the brandless ones work fine for me as well... hehehe. The only branded thing I own is probably my perfumes bought at 50% discount during the warehouse sale which I got up at 3am to queue and my lovely Kitchen which my colleagues gave me as a house warming pressie.

Irene said...

Go ahead to pamper yourself, anything within your means, so long as we don't worship materials. I dare not wish aloud to my hubby else he will buy the whole world for me... Hahaha... But if I am earning my own salary, I won't hesitate to splurge even more. My spending now have moved from self to kitchen appliances. Hahaha