Monday, June 18, 2012

Meeting the teacher

So, 4 days after my son told me he had to sit alone in class, I was due to meet the teacher. I had no intentions of bringing this up. But the teacher cornered me and had lots to say about him. Eventually bringing this issue up in her report.

There are 2 teachers who teach Christopher - Ms W and Ms C.

Ms C is the principal, teaches my boy in English and BM, the one who takes care of them during day care and also EXTREMLY STRICT. Ms W is the one who teaches my boy Maths and Chinese. Her primary language is cantonese/mandarin so I can imagine she is not so forceful when she has to speak english.

My son prefers Ms W to Ms C for obvious reasons. And as a result Ms W does get 'bullied' by my son. I son is REALLY TALKATIVE!

So, as soon as Ms W sits down with me, she reports this very fact. And this is how she puts it:

"When I tell the class, 'We will do page 3 today', you son-ah, he will tell his friend on his right 'Turn to page 3', then he will turn to the left 'Teacher says turn to page 3', and then to the back 'Turn to page 3-ah!'."

And he does this for everything Ms W says. Writing the date, what to do etc.

So, you can imagine how much talking he does and how little action he himself is doing. And he should be concentrating on what is being said rather than concentrating on what is said.

So, according to Ms W, she finishes her teaching and then puts my son aside and forces him to finish his work. And she says "He can write his chinese very well when he concentrates." get the picture now right. KIDS !!! So anyways, Ms W is quite a good teacher I would say and I totally understand why she segregated Christopher from the rest of the class. And she has agreed to continue teaching Christopher mandarin even when he is in primary school. So, anyone want to join and make a class 2 years from now?

Ms C had her own share of complaints. She remarked my son doesn't dare to talk alot in her class. But because of that, he tends to NOD OFF !!!! GOSH! I don't know if I should laugh. But I dare not coz Ms C is really fierce! But my son, I understand, tends to dream away.

So, that was our meeting on a hazy Saturday morning. I had a look through his exam papers. Wow...they really were exam papers, 4-5 2 sided sheets of paper with instructions to do this and that. He scored the highest for English and the lowest was Mandarin. I was quite surprised with his results, all bearing above 90. Prayerfully this mummy will be hardworking everyday to make studying interesting and enjoyable for him.


LittleLamb said...

its a good/positive problem to solve. Looks like C is kinda bossy but at the same time fearful of the Bigger Boss(the principal). Anyhow, i wont interfere. let him be. he needs to adjust and he will.

Ben and Shaun said...

He sounds like a normal child to me. Congrats in the good results.

Sasha Tan said...

talkative is always better than not talking. Mine, the teacher said he doesn't talk much. Can ask him to talk more ah? hahaha dunno wanna laugh or not.