Monday, June 18, 2012

Panasonic Service Centre, Aino and anti-scratch sponge

My mum has been complaining about my rice cooker inner pot for some time now. It has some scratches and she deems it inappropriate for further usage.

It's good that she I got off my lazy bum and went to the Panasonic Service Centre in Shah Alam to get a replacement.

Best to call in advance just to make sure they have stock.

My inner pot cost me RM95 and a long debate with hubby if it was worth replacing. After all the old kind of rice cookers cost just slightly less and I can throw chicken in there without worrying if the bones will scratch the pot.

Anyways....the multi functions available on my rice cooker won the day. And hubby and I decided that perhaps it was not the sharp ended bones that caused the scratches but the sponge we are using?

After all, my mum also claims the same frying pan she has, has outlived my 2 frying how in the world do I cook or clean? Hahaha....Time to replace my frying pan too!

So apart from the new inner pot, we decided to look for a sponge like my mum's. It's anti scratch so to say from Scotch (?) and it costs a bomb. We decided on an alternative which looks the same and hopefully works just as well too at half the price - RM5.

So, 1 Panasonic inner pot, 1 Aino frying pan and 1 new (Japanese) anti scratch sponge. Hope these will last me longer than their predecessors.


Small Kucing said...

oo can buy inner pot instead ah> I didnt know. Mine also have scratches. will check thanks

molly said...

Oh, time to change a new one. Old thing no go, new thing no come. Haha

LittleLamb said...

ar....u know Buffalo in SS2 sells the inner pot (generic) and can fit to any rice cooker. what's good about it is, its stainless steel n u can use it for other stuff too...

rm5 is it the magic sponge?

Irene said...

I have used those multi function rice cookers before, non stick, can cook porridge, blah blah... And guess what? I turned back to my trusty old fashion rice cooker. It does what it does best. If I want porridge I cook it with stainless steel or buffalo thermal pot. Nowadays I can't use non stick pans anymore, after what my maids did to them. Until one day when I am maid less I can put these little luxuries back in... Or maybe not. Hehehehe