Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday Bliss

I had a pretty good Saturday evening.

Went to eat at Food Foundry and loved every single morsel of food I ate. It helped that Simon and family was there so I had someone to help occupy my kids! :) Ordered the carbonara with turkey ham for the kids. Hubby had the burger. I ordered a grilled chicken salad (which came with glass noodles in Thai dressing).

I wasn't expecting much so was pleasantly surprised. The carbonara was quite good for a person who doesn't like creamy spaghetti. And I loved hubby's meat patty - very juicy and quite tender. No pic of my 'salad'....

After which we went to Jaya 1 for their quarterly 'creative' flea market. The flea market mainly consists of people creating clothings or food and trying out the market.

I spotted a dress which caught my liking instantly. Didn't even bargain and bought a fully lined mid lengthed dress for RM80 in 10 minutes. That was how much I loved it. Also given that it was a one piece item. And while I was talking to the lady that made the dress, I could feel her passion and creativity flowing. This was a lady who loved to create dresses but didn't have the time or money or ability perhaps to do it big! But anyways.....if I want to buy more of her stuff, I would email her and she would tell me the next bazaar she will be in! Something like a chase for a buy, when I want!

After my dress purchase, Simon made me look for the stall which was the main reason we decided to go in the first place - Shannon's chocolate stall!

Photo: Drop by Night Markets @ Jaya One tomorrow to sample my handmade Dark Chocolate Melts, we are doing market survey, so please come to support. We will be at Booth 6, see you there! 

Shannon’s handmade Premium Dark Chocolates are made with the finest Belgium chocolate, a strong dose of passion and a meticulous dedication to quality. The end result is a love affair with Dark Chocolate Melts that have you craving for more. Melts ever so gently in your mouth, you will find it hard to resist going for more
Look this up in FB if you are interested coz I don't really know when the next  bazaar will be. Haven't gotten around to 'liking' it so I get updates! But we tried and bought the chocolate. It's really smooth and heard Shannon will be selling in stores soon. Her chocolate is really smooth. And heard she learnt the technique of making chocolate from a Choc Master in Swiz.

Zen Q verdict

In Damansara Utama, you have 3 Taiwanese desert shops along the same row - Snowflakes, ZenQ and BlackBall.

We have always been a fan of Snowflakes coz so far they have never let me down. However, in my last visit, I kind of felt the pearls was not as fresh. It was a little hard in the middle, making me feel it was yesterday's pearl !

So, when hubby suggested trying ZenQ, I agreed.

But OH NO!!! Never again!

It was horrid to the CORE! The milk reminded me of skim milk rather than a creamy. Their black jelly didn't taste like black jelly proper. And their ice melted in an instant. Also there was insufficient ice.

I would never eat ZenQ again, not even if it was given to me free.

Now.....let me gather courage and try Black Ball.

And if not....I shall remain loyal to Snowflakes, pearls being lousy aside. But I will give feedback and Snowflakes better also buck up considering the amount I pay!

Oh Lord....let me at least have one great desert I enjoy!

Birthday Parties!

After 3 birthday parties, you would think that a kid would be screaming for one of him own. And you are so right!!!!

But anyways, the kids are 5 in Christopher's class. And why do parent after parent decide this is the age for parties and not when they are 6, their last year in kindy?

So anyways, we have had 3 invites so far this year. 2 at McDs and 1 in a really cool place called Young Explorers, 1MK.

OK...the McD parties I didn't go coz the timing was weird...sleeping time! And I really don't relish watching the kids at the McD play area. I imagine all the grease and oil and dirt stuck to all the play things!

But I did go for the one at 1MK....partly coz the timing was good and I wanted to check out the new mall.

The mall by standards was small. But we found enough good shops to kill our 2 hours there. The shop Kitchen was having sales and I love browsing such stuff. Also they had a cool Japanese shop seeling loads of cool stuff.

But I also had fun watching all the kids play at Young Explorer's Adventure Maze. This is somewhat what it looks like! All wooden structures, tunnels etc.

I asked and it costs RM45 per kid (min 20 pax) to have a birthday party here. But they cover kids food and birthday cake.

I wonder how much McD costs??

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Auto gate is a GONER

My auto gate has been giving me trouble for the pass one week. One side of the gate at first opened really slowly and could not open completely.

Tahan-ed it for as long as it could open. Although I could do a full yawn waiting for it to open.

But 2 days ago, it stopped opening on me. I have to force it open now. And force it close before I can close the other side automatically.

So, after 2 days of getting caught in the rain, being wary when I had to leave early in the morning with my daughter and hating the entire inconvinience of it, decided to call some guys I got off the internet to have a look.

Hoan Autogate came amd told me that the gear underground has jammed. Supposedly due to rain and of course wear and tear. Developer given, what to expect!

He propsed a new system - comes in a set of 3 prices: 1288, 1488 and 1688. Of course price depends on type of gate and how large your gate is. I could have settled for the 1288 based on my gate, but 1288 and 1488 comes emergency open with an allen key. While 1688 obviously came with a key.

In the end, he agreed to give me 1688 system for 1400.

I reckon it all marketing talk. Can give discount for 1688 to 1400 but the 1288 one, all kinds of excuses like maybe no stock, cannot give discount etc.

Hubby was out of town....and when I told him the cost, he told me to seek 2nd opinion.

I did....haaha...I talked to several people about their autogate. And came to a conclusion that the 100++ RM people pay for change of battery. The RM3-400++ people pay due to alignment or system issue. Not sure what people pay for motherboard burn issues. And then there is the RM1500++++++ people who pay for a new installation.

The sound I hear from the box underground is scary so I do reckon even if it was not spoiled earlier, it is spoiled NOW due to 2 days of constant forcing.

I hope this Hoan company is alright. They even have a FB page and 32 friends! What a joke for me to find this out. I was hoping for a superb review from a blogger....but.....Anyways, they have 4 branches so should be alright. At least for servicing if nothing else....

Fingers crossed, no further problems swinging in and out of the house!

My loot from NY

Am enjoying all my purchases daily as I write.

At first I didn't really like my Coach. But after using it, I realise it's very easy to use the bag. Although it is big and wide, I can find things very easily. And the handle length is just right and very comfortable that it doesn't get in the way. I still don't exactly like the outlook but appreciate it's user friendly-ness.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the kids have been up to....

Of late, we have one car seat in the front, and one car seat in the back. When we have the 2 kids in the car, the boy sits in the front and I sit with the girl at the back. THe boy thinks it rather grand that he gets to sit in front. He loves to press the buttons for the radio, and turn up/down the aircon etc.

One day, when we in the car, I started a sneezing frenzy. Straight away, my boy turned the aircon down and pushed the air ducts away from me. Then he turned around and asked me "Are you ok mummy. Is this better? If you are cold, you should tell me, you know!"

I stopped sneezing all at once. :)

My kids love dancing on their Ah Ma and Ah Kung's bed. They call it dancing, I call it an excuse to jump on the bed. day, they were doing just that when Ah Ma commented "Aiyoh, you make the bed sooo messy already!"

According to Ah Ma, the girl when she heard that, straight away got down and started to straighten up the bed spread, pulling it so that it nicely covers the bed again.

This girl is a making of a good home maker. She loves to help around the house.

Another time, according to the nanny, she was having cake with my girl for breakfast. After which she put a slice of cake into a tupperware and told Caylee "This cake is for Angela cher cher to take to work."

My girl listened attentively, nodded her head and pushed the tupperware further in the table. She proceeded to finish her cake. And her nanny went into the kitchen to clean up.

Angela cher cher came down a few mintues later. And my girl went to her, pulled her hand and told her to take the tupperware. So Angela took it and went off to work. And my girl happily told her nanny later that she has conveyed the message.

She does all this without being told. Just wanting to help around the house.

And lastly, I am a proud mummy coz last night, when I scolded Christopher for nearly causing an accident, he looked at me and just said "OK mummy. I understand." No tantrums, no 'but-it-is-not-my-fault' look/remark....just that.

And after which he just went off to do his own thing.

He is also learning along the way that when mummy and daddy talk, don't interrupt. As much as he loves to talk and give his input.

He is learning to listen now, much to my chagrin at times. So much so hubby and I have to be very careful what we plan to avoid expectations/requests/disappointments.

And that is what the kids have been up to.....apart from their daily affair of pooping, sleeping and eating!

Monday, July 9, 2012

New words

Words Caylee says to date:

Good night/night night
Wake up
No more
There (with her famous finger pointing)
Mine (and she pats her chest)
Nen Nen
Cher cher
Ah Pak
Ma mi
Pa pa
Aunty (when she calls her nanny)

She sometimes follows what I say. Especially words that I repeat twice like dog dog, cat cat etc. She doesn't follow at all when I say words like thank you, good bye etc.

At least some progress....

Monday, July 2, 2012

BYOB is G-R-E-A-T!

I have been saving my bottles for this day. I have also been NOT buying anymore for this day. At last there are 2 things I need to replace I can this day replace with BYOB products.

1) Dettol
2) Dish washing detergent

So, I messaged Sasha.

After some communication, she agreed to get the stuff and pass it to me in person.

I got 3 litres of pine gel, after her advice of a near price increase. 1 litre of OMG Insect to see if it can get rid of my lizards. And 2 litres of dishwashing liquid. All in all came up to RM22.40.

I was eager to try it when I came back. So, the hubby and boy at church, measles or not, I vacummed and mopped the house.

The pine gel should be called OMG CLEAN!!!

Sasha said 1 cup pine gel to 50 cups water. I put 3 dollops of pine gel into my Cosway water pail to mop. Mopped one room and added another 2 dollops. Coz the smell was not strong enough for me.

Then mopped the next rooms. Smell not so much difference so I accepted that 3-5 dollops is good enough.

But lo behold!!!! When I started mopping the area which had some paint, which I hadn't bothered to take out coz it was too much trouble with paint thinner, it came out with just a little effort. Just a teeny weeny little effort. Like using my toe to rub a bit effort.

I was shocked. Pine gel managed to take out paint? But happy happy shocked. I mopped the rest of the house. And I did that on Sunday.

Today, Tuesday, the floor still feels squeeky clean although just a little dusty. So, I am totally HAPPY with my pine gel. It's a wonder product without the adverse effects on the environment.

AS FOR the dishwashing liquid, it's very good too.

Good enough to wash a plastic container which had some oily food stored in it with just a small diluted amount of dish washing detergent. I didn't need to wash and wash and wash again and again. Or use cream solutions to soak it or wash it. I just needed some diluted amount and just had to be careful to wash every bit of the container.

I have not used the OMG Insect yet. Coz measles is contagious and I have been a good girl staying at home. So, have not got a spray for it. Can't wait to get it and spray it at the corners where that good ol' lizard lies.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Caylee had a fever about 2 weeks ago. Hubby and I didn't think much of it, thinking it was due to her phlegmy cough and runny nose. Her fever was mild, maybe 37.3-5. It lasted for about 3 days. Then last Thursday, we noticed spot on her body. Dismissed it as maybe due to heat/haze since after being in an air con room, the spots seem less noticeable. The spots lasted 3 days, just when I was about to decide to bring her to the doctor.

While she was having spots, I myself started running a fever.

It took spots to emerge on my body before I accepted finally that Caylee was having measles and so am I!

What kind of measles this is I have no idea. We had mild fever for 3 days and spots as soon as the fever breaks. When I had the fever, I had headaches as well and body aches (a sure sign it is virus related).

So right now I am working from home coz measles is really contagious. And looking at my dots, I am thinking they should disappear by Wednesday latest.

Who would think that I would get measles again at this age and from my daughter what more.

Christopher @ Joy Arts

He is drawing now! I am not sure if he came of age or that the art classes sparked his imagination and gave him guts to draw on a blank piece of paper. But Christopher is drawing!

You can't imagine what joy it is for me to see him sitting quietly at his desk drawing and then colouring. It may seem a natural thing for kids to do but before this month Christopher had never drawn anything much.

He has an 'inhibitation' to creative art in previous months. Give him a piece of paper and he actually just looks at it blankly and asks me to teach him to draw.

But just that day, he drew quite an elaborate picture. Of himself and daddy going to the birthday party he attended on Saturday. He had the elevator and underground parking. And he told us a story related to the picture after. He even coloured the picture.

So whatever it is. I am glad he has progressed in his art and as he says "I am using my imagination now." Hope the art classes will introduce him to other methods of art and greater heights of imagination.

Joy Arts fee was RM860 for the 3 term promotion we signed up for, RM50 for materials per term and RM50 for membership.

Note : We never paid for material fee apart from this RM50 upon signup.

Caylee @muzikhaus

I have been looking for something for Caylee to do since she turned two. Considering the kindy we wanted to send her doesn't accept a 3 year old, I felt it even more that she needs to get out there for some group learning. Mainly to encourage her to talk and partly to expose her to socialising 'discipline'.

We also preferably wanted something while Christopher was in Art Class to kill two birds with one stone. And we managed to find one!

Thank God. Same time same location too!

So, Caylee is in Muzikhaus now. It has been her 2nd lesson and I can say that she LOVES IT !

The first 10 minutes or so, she will spend looking around and getting used to the environment. By the 20 minute mark, she is doing everything the teacher asks her to do. It's no biggie DOING actually coz she's really good with physical movement.

But the good thing about this place is that it also encourages interaction. During story time for example and simply when the teacher says Hi and Bye. And while doing an action, she says the word of the action over and over. Like knock, knock, knock. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle....etc.

We hope this one a week class will push Caylee to talking. She said "Bye" to the teacher last week. Her current favourite phrase is "No more". And that day she told me to "Wake up!"

A relative made a passing statement "When your girl starts to talk, you won't have to deal with physical wars between your kids. THey will both be wanting to talk to you non stop and figting to make themself heard." I agree totally.