Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Auto gate is a GONER

My auto gate has been giving me trouble for the pass one week. One side of the gate at first opened really slowly and could not open completely.

Tahan-ed it for as long as it could open. Although I could do a full yawn waiting for it to open.

But 2 days ago, it stopped opening on me. I have to force it open now. And force it close before I can close the other side automatically.

So, after 2 days of getting caught in the rain, being wary when I had to leave early in the morning with my daughter and hating the entire inconvinience of it, decided to call some guys I got off the internet to have a look.

Hoan Autogate came amd told me that the gear underground has jammed. Supposedly due to rain and of course wear and tear. Developer given, what to expect!

He propsed a new system - comes in a set of 3 prices: 1288, 1488 and 1688. Of course price depends on type of gate and how large your gate is. I could have settled for the 1288 based on my gate, but 1288 and 1488 comes emergency open with an allen key. While 1688 obviously came with a key.

In the end, he agreed to give me 1688 system for 1400.

I reckon it all marketing talk. Can give discount for 1688 to 1400 but the 1288 one, all kinds of excuses like maybe no stock, cannot give discount etc.

Hubby was out of town....and when I told him the cost, he told me to seek 2nd opinion.

I did....haaha...I talked to several people about their autogate. And came to a conclusion that the 100++ RM people pay for change of battery. The RM3-400++ people pay due to alignment or system issue. Not sure what people pay for motherboard burn issues. And then there is the RM1500++++++ people who pay for a new installation.

The sound I hear from the box underground is scary so I do reckon even if it was not spoiled earlier, it is spoiled NOW due to 2 days of constant forcing.

I hope this Hoan company is alright. They even have a FB page and 32 friends! What a joke for me to find this out. I was hoping for a superb review from a blogger....but.....Anyways, they have 4 branches so should be alright. At least for servicing if nothing else....

Fingers crossed, no further problems swinging in and out of the house!


Small Kucing said...

Ooo due to wear and tear ya. I thought due to lightningcoz if that is the case, can claim house insurances

LittleLamb said...

Have you decided? I can give you a contact. He is independent from any co. He used to work with Chubb. very reputable.

Fairuz said...

I'm using Rienzo Autogate from Autogate Expert 012-9201212.Being using it nearly 2 month so I guess it's still too early to comment. Anyway, the installer was very nice and cute too :-). Upon completion, I was asked to fill in their customer's feedback form )0_0(.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

My house auto gate also sot sot already.

Ethan Chan said...

Ann can you kindly share with us whether the HoAn autogate you installed last year is performing well? My sister is thinking of installing the HoAn RM1688 package + RM150 for lightning arrestor - we are still comparing with other brands like Rienzo. Thanks Ann

Stephanie Tan said...

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John Smilek said...

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