Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday Parties!

After 3 birthday parties, you would think that a kid would be screaming for one of him own. And you are so right!!!!

But anyways, the kids are 5 in Christopher's class. And why do parent after parent decide this is the age for parties and not when they are 6, their last year in kindy?

So anyways, we have had 3 invites so far this year. 2 at McDs and 1 in a really cool place called Young Explorers, 1MK.

OK...the McD parties I didn't go coz the timing was weird...sleeping time! And I really don't relish watching the kids at the McD play area. I imagine all the grease and oil and dirt stuck to all the play things!

But I did go for the one at 1MK....partly coz the timing was good and I wanted to check out the new mall.

The mall by standards was small. But we found enough good shops to kill our 2 hours there. The shop Kitchen was having sales and I love browsing such stuff. Also they had a cool Japanese shop seeling loads of cool stuff.

But I also had fun watching all the kids play at Young Explorer's Adventure Maze. This is somewhat what it looks like! All wooden structures, tunnels etc.

I asked and it costs RM45 per kid (min 20 pax) to have a birthday party here. But they cover kids food and birthday cake.

I wonder how much McD costs??


Family First said...

Will need at least 1k to throw a party for say 20 kids. Cant afford la.

And yeah, im saving the party for next year when he turns 6. Thot of hosting one at home for his kindy friends & teachers, like you said, the last year mah ...

Mummy to QiQi said...

Mc D is the most affordable choice. I invited boys' class and about 20 kids turned out. The parents came along too and everyone eat get to order sets without limit. It cost us less than Rm300 only!