Monday, July 2, 2012

BYOB is G-R-E-A-T!

I have been saving my bottles for this day. I have also been NOT buying anymore for this day. At last there are 2 things I need to replace I can this day replace with BYOB products.

1) Dettol
2) Dish washing detergent

So, I messaged Sasha.

After some communication, she agreed to get the stuff and pass it to me in person.

I got 3 litres of pine gel, after her advice of a near price increase. 1 litre of OMG Insect to see if it can get rid of my lizards. And 2 litres of dishwashing liquid. All in all came up to RM22.40.

I was eager to try it when I came back. So, the hubby and boy at church, measles or not, I vacummed and mopped the house.

The pine gel should be called OMG CLEAN!!!

Sasha said 1 cup pine gel to 50 cups water. I put 3 dollops of pine gel into my Cosway water pail to mop. Mopped one room and added another 2 dollops. Coz the smell was not strong enough for me.

Then mopped the next rooms. Smell not so much difference so I accepted that 3-5 dollops is good enough.

But lo behold!!!! When I started mopping the area which had some paint, which I hadn't bothered to take out coz it was too much trouble with paint thinner, it came out with just a little effort. Just a teeny weeny little effort. Like using my toe to rub a bit effort.

I was shocked. Pine gel managed to take out paint? But happy happy shocked. I mopped the rest of the house. And I did that on Sunday.

Today, Tuesday, the floor still feels squeeky clean although just a little dusty. So, I am totally HAPPY with my pine gel. It's a wonder product without the adverse effects on the environment.

AS FOR the dishwashing liquid, it's very good too.

Good enough to wash a plastic container which had some oily food stored in it with just a small diluted amount of dish washing detergent. I didn't need to wash and wash and wash again and again. Or use cream solutions to soak it or wash it. I just needed some diluted amount and just had to be careful to wash every bit of the container.

I have not used the OMG Insect yet. Coz measles is contagious and I have been a good girl staying at home. So, have not got a spray for it. Can't wait to get it and spray it at the corners where that good ol' lizard lies.


Irene said...

Hi, what is byob about? Just bring your own bottle... For what? I'm guessing to buy their liquid stuff?

LittleLamb said...

IRene, yup. buy detergent. You can try because the owner does not put any chemical. All natural/biodegrable stuff.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

I love the pine gel :)

Small Kucing said...

LOL am using that too. The detergent also very good

Family First said...

Do you know how much I save ever since I found out about BYOB? No more buying from supermart edi.