Sunday, July 1, 2012

Caylee @muzikhaus

I have been looking for something for Caylee to do since she turned two. Considering the kindy we wanted to send her doesn't accept a 3 year old, I felt it even more that she needs to get out there for some group learning. Mainly to encourage her to talk and partly to expose her to socialising 'discipline'.

We also preferably wanted something while Christopher was in Art Class to kill two birds with one stone. And we managed to find one!

Thank God. Same time same location too!

So, Caylee is in Muzikhaus now. It has been her 2nd lesson and I can say that she LOVES IT !

The first 10 minutes or so, she will spend looking around and getting used to the environment. By the 20 minute mark, she is doing everything the teacher asks her to do. It's no biggie DOING actually coz she's really good with physical movement.

But the good thing about this place is that it also encourages interaction. During story time for example and simply when the teacher says Hi and Bye. And while doing an action, she says the word of the action over and over. Like knock, knock, knock. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle....etc.

We hope this one a week class will push Caylee to talking. She said "Bye" to the teacher last week. Her current favourite phrase is "No more". And that day she told me to "Wake up!"

A relative made a passing statement "When your girl starts to talk, you won't have to deal with physical wars between your kids. THey will both be wanting to talk to you non stop and figting to make themself heard." I agree totally.

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