Sunday, July 1, 2012

Christopher @ Joy Arts

He is drawing now! I am not sure if he came of age or that the art classes sparked his imagination and gave him guts to draw on a blank piece of paper. But Christopher is drawing!

You can't imagine what joy it is for me to see him sitting quietly at his desk drawing and then colouring. It may seem a natural thing for kids to do but before this month Christopher had never drawn anything much.

He has an 'inhibitation' to creative art in previous months. Give him a piece of paper and he actually just looks at it blankly and asks me to teach him to draw.

But just that day, he drew quite an elaborate picture. Of himself and daddy going to the birthday party he attended on Saturday. He had the elevator and underground parking. And he told us a story related to the picture after. He even coloured the picture.

So whatever it is. I am glad he has progressed in his art and as he says "I am using my imagination now." Hope the art classes will introduce him to other methods of art and greater heights of imagination.

Joy Arts fee was RM860 for the 3 term promotion we signed up for, RM50 for materials per term and RM50 for membership.

Note : We never paid for material fee apart from this RM50 upon signup.

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