Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday Bliss

I had a pretty good Saturday evening.

Went to eat at Food Foundry and loved every single morsel of food I ate. It helped that Simon and family was there so I had someone to help occupy my kids! :) Ordered the carbonara with turkey ham for the kids. Hubby had the burger. I ordered a grilled chicken salad (which came with glass noodles in Thai dressing).

I wasn't expecting much so was pleasantly surprised. The carbonara was quite good for a person who doesn't like creamy spaghetti. And I loved hubby's meat patty - very juicy and quite tender. No pic of my 'salad'....

After which we went to Jaya 1 for their quarterly 'creative' flea market. The flea market mainly consists of people creating clothings or food and trying out the market.

I spotted a dress which caught my liking instantly. Didn't even bargain and bought a fully lined mid lengthed dress for RM80 in 10 minutes. That was how much I loved it. Also given that it was a one piece item. And while I was talking to the lady that made the dress, I could feel her passion and creativity flowing. This was a lady who loved to create dresses but didn't have the time or money or ability perhaps to do it big! But anyways.....if I want to buy more of her stuff, I would email her and she would tell me the next bazaar she will be in! Something like a chase for a buy, when I want!

After my dress purchase, Simon made me look for the stall which was the main reason we decided to go in the first place - Shannon's chocolate stall!

Photo: Drop by Night Markets @ Jaya One tomorrow to sample my handmade Dark Chocolate Melts, we are doing market survey, so please come to support. We will be at Booth 6, see you there! 

Shannon’s handmade Premium Dark Chocolates are made with the finest Belgium chocolate, a strong dose of passion and a meticulous dedication to quality. The end result is a love affair with Dark Chocolate Melts that have you craving for more. Melts ever so gently in your mouth, you will find it hard to resist going for more
Look this up in FB if you are interested coz I don't really know when the next  bazaar will be. Haven't gotten around to 'liking' it so I get updates! But we tried and bought the chocolate. It's really smooth and heard Shannon will be selling in stores soon. Her chocolate is really smooth. And heard she learnt the technique of making chocolate from a Choc Master in Swiz.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, i was there at the bazaar too after seeing the post you posted in fb. too bad didn't bump into you :P

Small Kucing said...

heard about this place but never been to yet