Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the kids have been up to....

Of late, we have one car seat in the front, and one car seat in the back. When we have the 2 kids in the car, the boy sits in the front and I sit with the girl at the back. THe boy thinks it rather grand that he gets to sit in front. He loves to press the buttons for the radio, and turn up/down the aircon etc.

One day, when we in the car, I started a sneezing frenzy. Straight away, my boy turned the aircon down and pushed the air ducts away from me. Then he turned around and asked me "Are you ok mummy. Is this better? If you are cold, you should tell me, you know!"

I stopped sneezing all at once. :)

My kids love dancing on their Ah Ma and Ah Kung's bed. They call it dancing, I call it an excuse to jump on the bed. Anyways....one day, they were doing just that when Ah Ma commented "Aiyoh, you make the bed sooo messy already!"

According to Ah Ma, the girl when she heard that, straight away got down and started to straighten up the bed spread, pulling it so that it nicely covers the bed again.

This girl is a making of a good home maker. She loves to help around the house.

Another time, according to the nanny, she was having cake with my girl for breakfast. After which she put a slice of cake into a tupperware and told Caylee "This cake is for Angela cher cher to take to work."

My girl listened attentively, nodded her head and pushed the tupperware further in the table. She proceeded to finish her cake. And her nanny went into the kitchen to clean up.

Angela cher cher came down a few mintues later. And my girl went to her, pulled her hand and told her to take the tupperware. So Angela took it and went off to work. And my girl happily told her nanny later that she has conveyed the message.

She does all this without being told. Just wanting to help around the house.

And lastly, I am a proud mummy coz last night, when I scolded Christopher for nearly causing an accident, he looked at me and just said "OK mummy. I understand." No tantrums, no 'but-it-is-not-my-fault' look/remark....just that.

And after which he just went off to do his own thing.

He is also learning along the way that when mummy and daddy talk, don't interrupt. As much as he loves to talk and give his input.

He is learning to listen now, much to my chagrin at times. So much so hubby and I have to be very careful what we plan to avoid expectations/requests/disappointments.

And that is what the kids have been up to.....apart from their daily affair of pooping, sleeping and eating!


Family First said...

Oh yes, can totally related to all these. I find Bryan more mature now that he is 5. Can understand and reason well. Oh my, our kids are growing fast!!

Mr Lonely said...

sounds like saying me. >.<~

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