Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zen Q verdict

In Damansara Utama, you have 3 Taiwanese desert shops along the same row - Snowflakes, ZenQ and BlackBall.

We have always been a fan of Snowflakes coz so far they have never let me down. However, in my last visit, I kind of felt the pearls was not as fresh. It was a little hard in the middle, making me feel it was yesterday's pearl !

So, when hubby suggested trying ZenQ, I agreed.

But OH NO!!! Never again!

It was horrid to the CORE! The milk reminded me of skim milk rather than a creamy. Their black jelly didn't taste like black jelly proper. And their ice melted in an instant. Also there was insufficient ice.

I would never eat ZenQ again, not even if it was given to me free.

Now.....let me gather courage and try Black Ball.

And if not....I shall remain loyal to Snowflakes, pearls being lousy aside. But I will give feedback and Snowflakes better also buck up considering the amount I pay!

Oh Lord....let me at least have one great desert I enjoy!

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