Monday, August 6, 2012

Shimono vacumm cleaner

Was walking pass Liveitup! in 1U the other day and saw this man standing there with a vacumm cleaner.

First thought vacumm is really slim.

It's an upright vacumm. Meaning no huge thing to lug around while I vacumm.
It's bagless. So, no need to look for bags.
It has a hepa filter which is great.
The rubbish gets sucked up in this cyclinder which I can empty out.
I can even wash the filter if required.
Everything is detachable meaning easy storage and easy to carry to the apartment if needed.

So, I bought it.

It's from Shimono. The only other product I have from Shimono is a blender which is working great till this day.

So, I have 1 vacumm upstairs and 1 bulky one downstairs. With sleeping on the floor and me dropping hair and a white surfaced floor, I tend to need to vacumm daily.

It's on promotion as RM238 till end of Raya. In case you are interested.

Used it as soon as I came back. It's great. Easy to assemble and clean. My only grouche for now is that the back air sometimes gets into my face. But I reckon that I just need to get used to it or shorten the handle.

Another happy purchase.

Ma mee

I am no more simply Ma or Ah Ma (which her grandma proudly proclaims she is calling her) or Me (for the sake of differentiating from Ah Ma). I am Ma mee.

And she now calls Da Dee too.

So at 2 years 3 months, she effectively calls me right.

And along with it came quickly Poh Poh and Aunty.

Sorry for kor kor and kung kung. They are left out for now.

So now, she goes "Ma Mee....nen nen".

I can't stop being proud of her coz she is a slow talker. But the words are forming daily as I pray daily too.