Sunday, September 9, 2012

2 holidays for August

After a loooooonnnngggg dry period of working and routine, we did 2 holidays in August.

One was really a get up and let's go holiday to Avillion, PD. The other was a long planned holiday to Equatorial Hotel, CH.

LOVED the Avillion, PD. We spent the entire 2D1N at the hotel only. Meaning eat, sleep, play at the hotel. It was a pity that I was sick so didn't get to enjoy the pool. We ate in the hotel as well. Chose some exotic duck dish with rice but it was not great. The western food and the pizza was really good though.

We had access to the Avi Lounge but didn't get to go in coz of the kids. But anyways....since it was a family holiday, it didn't really matter.

Took the kids to the petting zoo and to the small play ground. They enjoyed the pool the best and spent all their time there. Girl was a little hesitant to venture too deep into the pool due to the crowd. So, had some play time in the tub instead.

The shower in Avillion opens out to the sea, which is bad when it is hot as it can get smelly. But otherwise, it was a nice experience bathing with the sea breeze filtering through. Loved their shampoo - green tea and charcoal. Smells excellent!

As for the CH trip.

It was the long weekend so it was kinda crowded. Hubby's first time experiencing CH this way. But not over crowded that we could not find parking. Parking was still relatively easy. And his time round, we had full meals in CH.

The hotel didn't come with bfast, so we had our wonderful bfast in a small coffee shop opposite the Strawberry Moments Cafe in Brinchang. Simple western bfast for the kids, surprisingly good nasi lemak and alright chee cheong fun. I love the strawberry coffee and found that this year there were more brands to choose from.

We had dinner at the chinese restaurant supposedly under Hotel Equatorial. However, it is actually a chinese shop out side the hotel. It was not crowded given that it was located off the main road and not in the main town. So we could take our time eating.

Equatorial hotel was good. The view was not that great from our room coz it was facing some construction. Service was good and prompt. Reckon our room was recently refurbished. It had a rain shower head as well as a hand held. The hand held couldn't stay up with the water on, so I had to get the kids to hold it when I was shampooing them. It was cold cold cold !!!

Night time was freezing. Gosh....good to know CH still has the ability to make me put on a jacket! In fact in the evenings and mornings the kids were in their jackets.

It wasn't strawberry season so there weren't abundance to choose from. We managed to get good vegetables, mushrooms and yellow passion fruits (which are SO good). Christopher also bought a bunch of roses from Poh poh. The roses were the NICEST deep red and not bruised at all. VERY VERY nice.

Cold as it is, the kids had their strawberry ice anyways. And I had my ice cream.

Note to self....don't even buy their corn. I always feel that it dries up as soon as we come down, or by the next day.

So, that's the 2 holidays for August. Time to sit back and work hard the remaining of the year!


Mummy to QiQi said...

I think EQ is the only hotel in CH that can make us wear sweater. Other than this place, everywhere else is so hot and crowded already..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It sounds like a very happy and fun cuti2 malaysia;-)