Sunday, September 9, 2012

Christopher updates

Christopher! What can I say about him of late?

He is still the same, albeit alot taller. All his food intake seems to be shooting him up, else used up in his never ever stillness. I have to force him many a time to just sit still.

Give him food or play, he will give away all his food. He loves to play with boys his age. So at school and church, he takes every opportunity to play and slide and run and climb.

We have a routine will be reading, story telling time and chatting every night before we go to bed. I sleep with him in a different room now partly so that I can have some mummy alone time with him. He loves it coz during the day he doesn't really get much attention and he is acting out.

His writing is atrocious according to the teacher. So, I have got him single line exercise books to practice his writing. No more 3 lines to guide his writing now, he has to learn to gauge capital and small letter sizes.

His mandarin book is filling up to a degree I have stopped trying to look into it. I have even downloaded an App in my phone to try to help him with his mandarin.....but, this mummy is too tired! hahaha...

English and BM spelling and reading I still help him with diligently. And Maths I throw questions at hime occasionally.

Sad to say, he has yet to learn the months in the year or tell the time. I have given him a digital watch recently just so that he can tell me the time when we go out. And also so that he can appreciate the concept of time. Perhaps with some appreciation, he will learn to read non digital one day.

He is still very verbal. And asking questions about this and that all the time. He is very much into space and dinosaurs of late. So we have a few books frequently used on that subject matter in every other room.

He is still very diplomatic. And he has taken to caring for a stuffed toy dog. Taking this toy dog everywhere he goes. He would love a puppy I know but our place is too small for a dog. So, he has to pretend now.

Still loves his art class. Though once in a while he whines about going. I reckon coz the weekend passes by so fast with one morning filled up with art. Otherwise, he thoroughly enjoys himself and would rattle off on what he did when we pick him up.

Told him about his new school that day and he told me that he doens't need me to be with him on the first day. Reason being all his friends will laugh at him. He is truely growing up now and is trying not to rely on me that much.

I yelled at him one day to get into the bathroom to bathe. He told me later that if I didn't yell but asked him nicely, he would be inclined to get to the bathroom faster. If I yell, he just doesn't feel like going anymore. I was surprised when he told me and told him that I agree with him. So, it's a lesson on my part as well.

Christopher has reached a stage where I am learning from him as well. And I reckon I will have alot more lessons to learn. God give me patience and humility.

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