Sunday, September 9, 2012

She's talking!

At last, for the pass 2 weeks since, Caylee has been talking more and more. She still needs a push to actually speak instead of using hand signals. I reckon it's coz she gets away with hand signals at her nanny's place.

Recently over the weekend, she has learnt to call kor kor. So she calls him everytime she wants his attention. Christopher LOVES it and has yet to get fed up with her incessing "kor kor" "kor kor"!

She calls me and hubby very well now. Can even scream for us from upstairs.

Still such a responsible girl. She sighs when I forget stuff and she runs around getting them for me. I just need to mention one word and she will run and get it for me without me having to ask her to do so. It's really too cute this level of responsibility she has at this age.

She is loving her music classes. She has one more class to go and I will most likely let her continue the class. Seeing as she has a good friend in the class. She is also up for a coming concert. Her first!

She has been very good at following all the teacher's instructions, if her best friend doesn't instigate her to act naughty. In fact has been meticolously practising every other hour since she learnt the dance. I think she will do great in Sunday School dances! :)

Eating wise....alright. She loves her noodles. But I still sometimes need to get the iPad to occupy her during her meal. My bad, I know.

We stopped giving her her pacifier 1 month back. She has been doing fine without it thus far. She is into holding our fingers now when she sleeps, and when she drinks milk, and when she sits in the car...for that matter, anytime she can get our fingers, she will. Trying to wean her off that too....

Potty training has had its up and downs. She can go diaperless at home now. Still a few incidents. But she still doesn't like to poo in the potty yet. I wonder why. She hates the toilet bowl even though I put the kid's seat for her. So we have had our share of poo stained pants at home very often. Work in progress....

She loves her fruits. I always tell people I have a fruitarian daughter. She seldom ever says no to fruits. Good thing unlike her brother, she loves her cakes and bread too. Much easier to feed in the morning.

And that's it for Caylee. She got her hands on the scissors again the other day and cut her hair again. Just when the previous accident was growing out. Oh well.....

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