Friday, September 21, 2012

The power of a call

My little girl can say "kung kung" now. Since maybe 3 weeks back. And right now, it's very clear and she calls him very often.

When she sees banana, she calls kung kung coz that is his favourtie food.
When she sees me folding kung kung's shirts, she says kung kung.

And she calls kung kung when she wants his attention.

It's amazing that the softest kung kung gets the biggest response from kung kung.
Coz my girl calls him ever so sweetly.

She wakes him from slumber with a pat and a soft call.
And kung kung smiles to bring her to the park.

She has been calling Poh Poh for a longer time...maybe about 2 months ago. Yet my mum still calls just to hear Caylee call her. And that's all coz she doesn't really volunteer any other information.

So...such is the power of being able to call kung kung and poh poh.

Next word to achieve : Yee Cheong.

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