Saturday, October 13, 2012

Great herb for cough!

I was down with a dry and itchy cough 2 days ago. Took Copastin which helped me in my previous case. Also took some herbal cough syrup.

Since the cough syrup bottle was almost empty and since we were going to 1U. Decided to go to the chinese medicine shop in 1U to get the cough syrup. I have found that the one sold there (and also in Tesco Mutiara Dsara) works the best.

So while I was there, I was telling the guy that I was having this really itchy cough and wanted the fastest way to get rid of it before I spread it to my kids.

He recommended something to me.

The first thing I checked was the price. Good thing it was only RM5.30. Though I found out later in Hai O it is sold for something like RM3.80.

It comes in a bottle of 100 pills. And it is called Chuan Xin Lian Pian. In the 1U shop, it came in a green and white box.

I can safely say it's GREAT. The guy told me to take a min of 2 and a max of 6 tablets per time, depending on the severity of the cough. Taken 3 times a day with warm water.

I took it straight away that night and again the next morning. And I can say that my cough is gone. The itch even is all gone and I don't have any urge to cough at all.

Google search it and I must say it's great. The herb is supposedly anti viral and also anti bacterial.


Mummy Moon said...

My hub and I also coughing very bad. Itchy throat and We have a lotr phlegm too. Do you have a photo of the med?

Irene said...

Hhmmm... For me and my family, we don't feel comfortable taking Chinese pills, no offence meant. Not even eu yan Sang bak Fong pill. Herbal drinks ok, western and middle eastern herbs like oregano, olive leaf extract all I highly support, but pills and sin seh is no no.

Glad you are better.