Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Sings my Soul (Book 3) by Robert J. Morgan

When I saw that Booksneeze was giving as complimentary book 3 of 'Then Sings My Soul', I straight away clicked to get a copy. I reviewed book 2 before and found it so enriching. Book 3 details a deeper understanding of church history and hymnody. The book starts of with an introduction to the different segments of the western hymnody. And pages that follow include muscial scores and the story behind the hymns.

It is true, as per author Robert J. Morgan, that a hymn can minister to your soul. Not only did I find the stories inspirational. I found myself being ministered to as I read the lyrics of some of the hymns, hummed others and sang out loud the rest. What drew me to the book was that the hymns ranged from hymns my kids sing to like Jesus Loves Me to the modern Shout to the Lord.

If you do not get any other book in the trilogy of Then Sings My Soul, get this one at least. I am so glad I have it on my shelf to inspire me all the days of my life. The richness within will certainly bring a song to your heart.

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