Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Some developments on Caylee.

She is learning to speak pretty well now. Only one word at a time so if we want to teach her a phrase, we have to make her say the first word and then the 2nd. Else she will just complete the phrase or the word for us.

She knows alot of cantonese words as well as english words. Which I reckon is the reason why she started talking so late.

She has a cute method of cocking her head to one side and looking upwards when she is trying to understand something. Like when I told her what a hangar was and told her to go upstairs and get them from the bed for me. She cocked her head and then did as requested.

I wonder when she will get fed up of doing my biding. :) Right now I am enjoying my handy helper. Give her a chance to do housework and she will jump at it.

She loves her jigsaws to bits. Give her a chance to buy something and it will be jigsaws that she looks for. Else believe it or not, she will rather NOT buy anything. The wonder of my girl! I wonder how long this will last. Though the brother is a bad influence instigating the sister to get something on his behalf.

Apart from jigsaws, she loves drawing. Maybe the kor kor's influence. She will get colour pencils and get anyone (usually the nanny's kids) to draw stuff for her. She also plays with kor kor's vehicles and play cooking with kor kor. If kor kor is drawing, she will draw on her own as well.

She is good with her books taking them out with her when we go out and asking us to read to her when we go for meals. She can also take books out while we are resting at home and read with us. So books to her is a norm. We are starting her on Peter and Jane series since she shows interest and is ready. So far, we are at Peter and Jane and dog. :)

Brother and sister are learning to get along very well now. Perhaps coz she has learnt to talk and take instructions from the kor kor. She can even melt his heart when she calls him ever so sweetly.

If ever I bring her out without the kor kor, whenever she sees something the kor kor will like, she will get me to buy it for kor kor and herself. And she will listen to me still when I tell her to give kor kor only after dinner. Such is my good girl.

She is no longer on pacifier at home since she turned 2 but at the nanny's place she bullies her way through and sometimes gets her way.

She is diaperless now at home and at church. But other than that she refuses to go without her diaper. I reckon she is afraid she won't get to go to the toilet in time and that the toilet is wet and dirty. More the first than the 2nd reason. Occasionally, depending on how much water she has drunk, the nanny allows her to go for her nap without a diaper. And for the few times it has happened, there were no accidents. According to the nanny, she jumped out of bed and rushed to her potty. Once in a while wetting her pants coz she didn't get up in time.

For meals, she loves noodles. She will give me the thumbs up everytime I make noodles in soup for her. She also LOVES her fish balls. Funny girl. She can finish her lunch hand still take a 6 ounce bottle of milk. Really admirable. And her lunch ain't all that little. She can finish an adult portion of noodles if allowed. I worry about her stomach so I usually take a bite or 2 from her bowl. She also loves her cakes and bread.

She is still in music class and loving it. She is learning her dance moves but she doesn't like the dress that she has to wear. So, most likely she won't get to participate in the concert. She has been to kor kor's school but shakes her head when we ask her if she wants to go. We will be sending her only when she is 4.

Bad habits....when she cries she cries for a long time. And you can't scold her at all when she cries else you will be in for a longer and louder cry. She also throws stuff around when she gets angry. She still disturbs the kor kor every now and then for no reason at all. And gets into a fight and WILL fight with gungho! Ending in a bit on kor kor or a punch or a fall and then tears. Oh well....I learn when to get invovled and when to let them deal with it on their own.

She chooses her own clothes. And when she sees you in going out clothing, she will take out her home clothes and change. And she is very insistent on what she wants to wear. Loves trying and buying shoes. She told me one day that her shoes was tight so I had to get her a new pair straight away. We were in 1U so we went to Bata. And she chose her own shoes, trying many before she decided.

Health wise, my only issue with her is her skin. I am thinking of sending her to Tangkak this month or next just to rule out allergies. I reckon there could be something she is allergic too since her redness appears once in a while. The aptopiclair we are using seems to help, together with the QV balm and cetaphil. But we have to be so diligent. She is also on organic body shampoo or PH 5.5.

So, that's my girl more or less to date. I love her to bits.

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