Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dato Dr. Wong Meng Kiang @ Tangkak

So, I made the visit at last.

Caylee's skin condition showed no improvements and I was 100% sure it was due to some food allergy. But what in particular and to what extent, that was what I wanted to find out.

When I was pregnant with her, I was already sensitive to prawns and crabs so I knew it had something to do with those. But I was also wondering if kaya was something she was also sensitive to. This girl LOVES her kaya.

Result? She is allergic to ALL seafood except fish. Thank God ikan bilis/anchovies is alright with her. The range goes from 11 for sotong to 18 for prawns. Can't remember the rest.

I also tested myself and I am 13 allergic to dust mites.

The kinesiology test that Dr Wong did on us was so marvelous it was close to incredulous. I really could not resist at all when I was holding on to the dust mites test tube. And after he gave me the saline drops, I could resist his push without any effort.

It's crazy weird. But as all other testimonies I have heard....if it works, I am so willing to try it.

We will be making this journey to zero-rize our allergies next year. Prayerfully by end of 2013, Caylee and I will be allergy free.

It's about 1 hour from Malacca to Tangkak. It's fairly easy to get to Dr. Wong's clinic. Just exit the toll at Tangkak. Drive the straight road into Tangkak town, no turn required. You will see the police station at one of the traffic lights. And his clinic is a few lots away from the police station.

He is efficient so don't be put off by the number of people you see when you enter. AND be prepared to pay CASH. For Caylee, her bill came up to RM180 (she had some lotion extra) and for me RM130. So prepare about RM 200 per person.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Yes he is incredible eh? My husband couldn't believe his eyes. I on the other hand know a bit of his method through Elaine so I was a little prepared but still I was amazed :) Speedy recovery to you and Caylee :)

Small Kucing said...

will forward your link to my friend

Irene said...

So what is the "cure" for Caylee? Just avoid prawns and sotong? Eggs (coz its a main ingredient in kaya)... wheat.. etc?

We visited Dr Wong a around 1.5years, then dropped off. Hope you and Caylee get well. Dustmite at level 13 is very high, did he say it can be cured? Do you practice any preventive method at home like hot washing and vacuuming the bedlinen, allergy covers, etc?

Mummy Moon said...

I wish to follow this post.

My son is very allergy too. We did a allergy test using prick test on the arm by a pead in Kl and then lately my son eyes get allergy again and we go to see an eye paed at Isec. When he knew we did the prick test he said it is actually not accurate and we can do an allerygy test with his blood which is very accurate. We yet to let him do the blood test for allergy do maybe wait for next check up. so I am now need to think if Dr Wong can help my son.. I really wish he can get allergy free which I think it is impossible.

YiuKeng Ang said...

I hope you could share your experience about Dr. Wong Meng Kiang. My girl is suffering eczema.

I just wonder how long it takes to cure? Could it be cured completely?

After watched youtube “Applied Kinesiology - How it's Done ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Piu75P8sxTo
I am become confusing.

Kindly to share your experience.

May Ann Hoong said...

YiuKeng, actually I would say that my girl's condition has improved tremendously. Since we managed to identify the specific trigger, we avoided it and her skin condition improved. And everytime she accidentally ate something with prawns in it, she does not need to suffer so long. We will give her the drops and maybe i a day or two it will clear. Also right now, she can start taking a bit of clam and she has no reaction. Maybe she outgrew it but at that time when she was suffering, to lesson the duration really helped.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us readers. Please may I ask about the progress thus far? Do you think Dr Wong's method is effective and has cured your child well? I am just a bit worried of the saline, just in case it is laden with minute dosage of steroid. Appreciate if you can share your thoughts here. Many thanks!
Mun Yee

Ann said...

Mun Yee, I would say my daughter is fairly cured. We were diligent in avoiding the food that she was allergic to for a year and now when she accidentally eats something, her reaction is not that bad. And when I give her the drops, it does not flare up further.

As for the saline drops, we actually watched it being made. So, you can do that too if you are concerned.

But I reckon just finding out the cause of the allergy reaction is sufficient enough to start the healing process in itself. You don't really have to give your child the drops. But you find out without taking any blood at least what is the allergen.