Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Queen Sense Dolce pan

AT LAST! I managed to get my Queen Sense Dolce pan.

I first researched this when I was looking through the Redemption Catalogue for HSBC for a pan. I asked around but no one seems to know about this pan. So, I kind of left it alone.

However, my wok is due for a change. Partly coz the handle has come loose and thus very difficult to manage if I need to pour stuff out. Went wok shopping but had some criteria.

Wanted a light enough. Non stick without any health hazards. Also wanted it to be pan like instead of wok like. Deep enough so that I could cook and warm up stews in. And also with a glass lid. Also it had to be big enough and preferably uniformed heat (since comparing my Aino pan with other pans).

It was indeed a pity Aino did not carry 28/30 cm pans with glass lids else I would definitely have gone for those.

But anyways.....saw the Houz Depot catalogue having a 30% promotion on Queen Sense pans and went to have a look. Suprisingly and happily, this pan fits ALL of my criteria. It has other features as well like it won't spill over etc. And since it is made of marble it does not scratch and yet is non stick. Cost me RM158 for 30 cm. I got mine in orange.

So, I have Aino pans yellow and this pan orange. hubby says, my pans are as colourful as the food I cook these days! :) Happy cooking for me. Next on the menu fried meehoon!

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