Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kids learning

So, the kids have something new this year. This mummy is full of learning curves.

Christopher is starting on Eye Level Maths. He has poor visual sense and the art classes can only do so much. So, it's to Eye Level for him. I feel he could learn so much better if he could connect it in his brain. He is not doing that now coz his brain is not exercised to that level. And I know it should and can be done but don't really know how to do it.

It costs about 160 RM for now 2 times a week. He has 2 book(lets) to finish in that one hour he is there. And one more booklet for homework. So, not only is he building up his critical thinking but is discipline as well. We shall see how it goes for this year.

Caylee is also starting pre-kindy, though only once a week due to transportation issues. She loves her class but can't go there alone as of yet. There are worksheets for her to do in the class and snacks to be eaten. She is learning to line up and ask for more. What captures her attention in the class are the songs the teacher sings to teach them. Caylee really loves her music and music really captures her attention. It's lovely to see her so focused.

As for me.....I have started a one year read your bible thing. It is on my Galaxy so I have more dicipline to read it when I pick up my Galaxy. So far I have been doing great. And hope it will continue year long. It only takes about 20 min after all to read the 4 passages. 20 min of silence at home is not too much and not too little....just nice for me.

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Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I can imagine Cayless singing and dancing in her class.