Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On allergies and the kids

I always struggle with blog tittles now since I write everything all in one blog post. Oh well...

On allergies

We went to Tangkak for a follow up visit on the 29th. Not cause we ran out of drops but since we were in Malacca. Surprisingly Caylee's allergies have all dropped to zero apart from prawn which is still at 4. I was so surprised that I started to doubt the drops. And in my doubt I even forgot to ask the doc what to do now?

However, we are continuning our diligence not to give her any seafood at least for the next 2 years. And more diligently check even if crackers have that prawn essence etc. We were careless one of the days and Caylee did consume some cracker with seafood essesnce, which we feel contributed to her prawn being 4.

As for me, I am down from 13 to 4 as well. And truth be told, I am sneezing less now until I have forgotten when I last felt ill. So, mayhaps the drops are really healing us.

Doc happily told us maybe one more visit and we don't have to see him again. Wow!

On Caylee

She is talking so well now. So well that everyone is surprised at her vocab. She is throwing out words taht we never knew she knew. We never consciously taught her those words. So, we are so amazed with her now. She even articulates her feelings very well. Like asking us to "Wait. Me." or "Move away." or "Practise." or "Wait here." I am teaching her her manners coz everything she says sure sounds like an order. I have nicknamed her 'kun kar poh' (cantonese for matron of the house).

She has a bad habit of crying all the time when we tell her off. She is a manja case and is frequently found 'tarik-ing harga'. I refuse to give in to her when she does that and that usually gets her into a fit. Coz all she wants is a little pull and a little hug. But it sure ain't easy to do when she just yelled back at you or hit you before walking away. Still lots of work in progress here.

She will be starting English Champ on Saturdays this year. A wee bit longer than her Muzikhaus and a little bit more learning. I wanted to start her on kindy but transport issues prevail.

On Christopher

What amazes me about my son is his walk with God. He prays prayers that humbles even the most knowledgable amongst us. He prays with simple faith using simple words. He prays for our enemies as well as prays for all his family members.

He is growing up well. This year will be a year of practise for him. Setting learning routines, sleeping early, having breakfast, poo poo-ing in the evenings (lol).

Christopher is well loved. And this year almost all holidays will see him back in Ipoh.

As for me

Cyberjaya calls. Routine changes. Meals to be cooked during weekends and frozen. Exercise prayerfully to continue. And have to build stamina for driving in the afternoon sun. Also more kei chi for me to improve my eyes. Other than that, mo chuin mo lan (cantonese for all's well).


Irene Yew said...

In all things, our God is ever faithful. Wishing you and family a wonderful new year, and hope the allergies zerorised, and stay zerorised. Dr Wong did mention that you have to wait one year after zerorisation before he can officially discharge you?

LittleLamb said...

English champs at KA? If its late morning, then I should be able to bump into you.

Blessed 2013 and may the year be of the Lord's favor to you and family.