Monday, March 11, 2013

His first sinus infection and chicken pox scare!

So Christopher fell ill. Since Chinese New Year he had been exposed to the chicken pox virus at home and HFM at school. So we were monitoring him for both these symptoms. What troubled me most this time was the sudden onset of high fever and a headache. For the life of me, a 6 year old boy complaining of a headache??!!
Anyways, it was fever for 2 days then when Monday came, off to the doctor. I didn't give him the meds initially coz we were only dealing with a high fever then. But when his fever broke through on the 2nd day, his cough took a turn for the worse and he started a runny nose. Even his voice changed, which was a first for me.

Started him on his pead meds but that made him cough so badly, worse than what he was already going through. Always on a hindsight, I should have known. Christopher never did do well with western cough mixtures. And Benandryl just never worked for him. Benandryl actually has a drug which looses the phlegm and caused him to cough more. Bricarnyl was still alright. In fact I like Bricarnyl coz it is supposed to open up the airway and break down the phlegm as well.

4th day into his illness, he still had minor headaches, he had little appetite and he was hacking at night. He didn't have a chesty cough from the sounds of it. And I was worried his throat would be acting up with all that coughing. 

I took him to another doctor, Dr Liaw our patient, friendly family doctor. Had a long chat with him to get his meds right. While talking, I got a shock of my life when I saw 6 dots on his neck and forehead. I felt my heart sink that Christopher may end up having chicken pox. I was told to monitor the dots for the next 24 hours. He was put on a nebulizer and we went home armed with Sedillix and Piriton. I still had Zyrtec at home which I was told to give him in the morning and to continue the Bricarnyl. Basically it was a move away from antihistamines to decongestants. Sedillix is a cough suppressant. We wanted to give him Fedac for his nose but Fedac (like Actifad) could cause discomfort if taken with Bricarnyl. These 2 drugs cause internal activity to increase, resulting in possible nightmares.

All this helped but things were not looking great. I did not feel very optimistic. His recovery rate was too slow. The only thing I could gain comfort from was that his dots did not get any worse.  His cough didn't seem to show any improvement though. So at Day 6, upon interrogation, I deduced it was the backflow of his nasal congestion tickling his throat. This sounded so familiar to me. Since the birth of Caylee, out of the blue I started having sinus issues. I realised that I needed further action to clear up his sinuses. 

So 6 days into his illness, interrupted sleep and on-my-knees prayer, I started him on steam treatment. I used Vicks initially with boiled water. On the 7th day, I got some Melaleuca oil in boiled water. 7th night, he only coughed once, And the phlegm sounded much less.

We are not out of the storm yet. However, we are hopeful that a rainbow is in the making. That is what I always tell him when he goes through a bad bout of illness. Like Noah, have faith and build the boat (as in take his meds), weather the storm (sickness) and God will give us a rainbow (good health).

The gain from all this is that Caylee now has her chicken pox shots, as at 7th March 2013. And that kids with headaches may probably be having sinus headaches. And steam inhalation works well for sinuses.