Sunday, April 7, 2013

Caylee is 3!

Caylee turned 3 on Sunday.

This girl of mine amazes me all the time. I feel so blessed to have a girl like her who challenges me to the maximum and making me a better mum in the process. And yet sometimes she is the most reliable, mature kid I know.

1) CRYING is her defense for everything. And it takes NOTHING to start her off. I am always asking her to talk out her feelings instead of crying or throwing (literally) or pouting. For a girl who just started talking 6 months ago, I guess she has yet to get there.
2) STUBBORNess eve at 3 has some positiveness in it. I will explain how later. However the downer of it is that.....So stubborn that if I take away her chilli sauce that came with her fried fishballs, she will eat up all of the chilli sauce and not cry or drink water just to proof her point. Stubborn to the extent if she doesn't want to wear the dress, she will cut it off of her if you don't take it out.

She has her extreme sweet moments though when she saw me bringing out the soap powder to wash the mats, she will grab me the brush that I will need without asking....
....when she saw her nanny squatting down to wash diapers, she brought her nanny a little stool....

And her ultra 'goosebump' moments are like
.....when she does something good and we praise her, she will look at us "I am good girl?" And want to hear it again and again that she is a good girl.....(beh tahan!!!)
.....when kung kung showed some concern that day when she fell, after that she went up to daddy and told daddy "Kung Kung loves me." And then covers her mouth with both her little hands and giggles...(what is that???)

AND the most amazing thing of all is that she is so practical. When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she can refuse toys. She asked for pink PJs instead. We can bring her to a toystore and she can look and touch everything but choose not to buy anything. All her doing and none of ours.

Her vocab is outstanding although she cannot string together a proper sentence. Yet her choice of words is astonishing.

For her birthday we had 2 dinners - Fish & Co. with my parents. And A'Wet with inlaws. Caylee doesn't see the big deal in dinners. But during cake time this year, she was all shy and giggly when everyone sang happy birthday for her. And she blew her candles on cue like a little girl.

Maybe this year I will see a transformation from a tomboy of a girl to a sitting properly girl?

My sweet Caylee. What a child you turned out to be.