Monday, May 13, 2013


The kids were watching the crucification of Jesus last night.

Christopher says, "I need to watch it to remember what Jesus did for us. So I will remember not to fight with my sister."

I was not sure to take that as a reason or an excuse. But since I agreed to some iPad time, this better that some weird cartoon.

So, anyways while they were watching I was reading my book and catchng snippets of talk between kor kor and Caylee.

Caylee : Why Jesus Cry, where Jesus Cry?
Kor Kor : Coz pain pain.
Caylee : No kor kor....where Jesus Cry (Christ)?
All of us puzzled until we realised she was saying where is Jesus Christ and why Jesus Christ (as in what is he doing?)

Caylee : Bad man kor kor. Why bad man?
Kor Kor : No that one is bad. This one is good. He become good already.

Caylee : Why dark kor kor? Going to rain.
Kor Kor : No Caylee. God cannot see already. God is sad. So it is dark.

And the most astonishing question and answer from my kids is this next one!!!

Caylee : Jesus mummy cry kor kor. Jesus Chry die already? Where is Jesus daddy?

I was shocked to hear this question coz so far NO CHILD has ever asked this question. And even more shocked was Christopher's answer.

Kor Kor : Jesus daddy is in heaven. Jesus daddy is GOD!

Oh wow.....oh wow.....this coming from my 3 and 5+ year old kids. I feel truly blessed.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Renovation 1.02

So, the very next day after our trip to Homedec, we had an appointment with our contractor.

My sis gave me this contact saying "We know him as Frankie. But his name is Mr. Yip." The we-know-him-as-Frankie phrase stuck instead his-name-is-Mr.Yip. And soon after I was calling him Frankie when making reference to him with hubby. So when I called him, I called him Frankie instead of Mr. Yip. He must have thought me pretty rude!

Oh well....

He turned out to be a pretty swell guy.

He smiled at our outrageous suggestions and subtly recommended alternatives. I even told him outright, PLEASE tell me if this sounds too expensive so we don't even have to bother thinking about it. And he asked so many questions that the things I had to do seemed such a long list I myself got tired of asking for more.

Even right now I can think of a few things I want to add.....

When we got to the dry and wet kitchen discussion, he was very open to what I wanted to do. The reason why I may opt for a contracted dry kitchen instead of a specialized dry kitchen. Custom kitchens by specialized kitchen people are expensive.

Anyways, we gave him a headache with our roofing. And he gave us things to google about like formica cabinets and countertops. My father inlaw got me googling asbestos roofing as well.

One thing I am liking about Frankie so far is that all his sub-cons are chinese. Tiling and carpentry work are all old timers. And he says "If it doesn't pass my approval, it won't get to you!" Also he seems great at advising us on cost savings.

I think our quotation is going to take a month considering the things I need to get done. I hope the cost would not exceed 100K coz that is what I am budgeting for with him.

So, anyone know anything about formica kitchens and asbestos/plastic roofing (versus polycarbonate)?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Renovation 1.01

Step 1 : Sourcing

So, hubby and I took leave on the 3rd May. And after changing to our name for assessment, we made our way to KL Convention Hall.

I have never really bothered with assessment and quit rent before. But learnt quickly which is tanah and which is pintu! Gosh...these Malay words are so much more literal! It was quick. All that was needed was a copy of the S&P, the latest assessment bill and the need to fill up a Malay form. Hubby dropped me and I went to Tingkat 11 of MPPJ, filled up the dreadful form which was more fill in the blanks but I still didn't get it! Got the receipt and the form to change address when we do move in in future. Right now, it is addressed to hubby's parents place since the next assessment bill would be in July and we would not have a letter box for them to throw a letter in when that time comes....

Parked nearby Amcrop Mall. Parking was haphazard but cheaper than if we had drove down to KL. It cost us a whopping RM10 though. Took the LRT, which I swore I would never take, but had to on this day and on any other day my kids find the need for a train ride! RM2.10 one way to KLCC from Tmn Jaya. And lo behold, no counter man to help now, tickets all come out of a machine. Which by the way does NOT accept new notes or coins! But dispenses the new notes and coins beautifully. Or maybe it was just my note and coin!

Registration was at Hall 8. BAD CASE OF AUDIO VISUAL in Hall 8. We went in and out in 5 seconds. No budget for AV. Made our way to Hall 7 instead for kitchen.

BAD MISTAKE that was coz I love kitchen. Spent close to 3 hours in Hall 7a and b with little result. The cost quoted for my 14 by 9 feet dry kitchen was close to 13K with acryllic cabinets and solid surface. Kian gave us a quote just because we stopped to look for a while and got cornered by them. Kitchen Plus also gave us a quote coz I was so intrigued by their cement and tile modular kitchen with plastic cabinets. Don't bother about the price of this modular wet work with tile kitchen coz a 6 by 6 cost about 5K. Good idea but still....

I didn't feel good about Kian and couldn't wrap my head around Kitchen Plus' 13K quote (which was discounted from 15K mind you!) I felt really bad for the Kitchen Plus Eunice lady who was so kind and spent a great deal of time counting in mm (not feet) the price of our potential kitchen.

Anyways, I also looked around at built in hobs while waiting around. They have this great asian cooker hobs with CAST IRON rings these days. The first one I asked quoted 700+ for a cast iron, safety measured black tempered glass hob. Only hob, no hood!!!

Damn.....where are those 3-400+ stuff? 700 for a hob got to be way out of my budget!

So walked around while waiting for Kitchen Plus. Snagged some coffee from this salesperson trying to sell their wonderful coffee maker. I was head crazy for coffee so don't ask me the brand of this coffeemaker!

Went pass York and left hubby there to settle the 5 aircons we intended to get from York. Basic ones, no inverter what not.....cost us RM800 per aircon, all 1HP. Deposit of RM400 required and they come from D'Legend so I am kinda glad. Seeing D'Legend sell our York aircons was like seeing an old friend!

Walked pass Faber alone....good thing I was alone. Else I would never have got out of the claws of the Faber saleslady pushing me to buy their asian hob which WOW cost RM500+ - safety measure but not cast iron ring. I still have hope! But the finishing did look a little shoddy compared to the 700+ one.

Came back to look for hubby and ended up at Rubine. Forged up a great deal at Rubine. For RM480, I got a safety measured, cast iron black tempered, 2 ring hob, Also it had a safe gas mecahnism (so they say) since the gas had 2 points of 'escape'. If the gas was high, both points of escape will be used for a wider fire coverage. When you lower the flame, the outer point of escape will be shut off so that only the inner flame is lit.  Make sense?

So RM400 and RM480 poorer, we made out way out of Hall 7 to lower numbered halls. I don't even remember if there actually was a Hall 1-6.

First thing we saw was ALPHA. I wonder if those booths right at the entrance cost more? Or is it a first come first choice thing? Anyways, we ended up getting 3 fans in ALPHA. Assured I was getting ALPHA Alpha and not Alpha Wings or something, we got the best buy 1 50% off 2nd. Cost per fan came up to RM240. And we also got a wider range fan for the living costing RM421. Bought 2 heaters as well costing about RM484 with rain forest shower head and for the kids bathroom RM351 with a normal head. Paid a deposit of about RM900+.

Almost out of time, I went to Reliance while hubby looked around for gates and sinks. Decided not to do Reliance which I hope I don't regret later. But hubby managed 2 undermount sinks from D'format going at 50% - Jumbo bowl at 340 and a less jumbo bowl at 285.

Then it was rush rush rush back to pick up the kiddos.

Tip of the Day : Kitchen Plus Eunice told me that sold surfaces come in a 10 feet sheet. So, if you create a surface shorter than 10 feet, it is customary that a 2 feet surcharge will be administered for 'waste'. So might as well go the whole 10 feet length if you can.