Monday, May 13, 2013


The kids were watching the crucification of Jesus last night.

Christopher says, "I need to watch it to remember what Jesus did for us. So I will remember not to fight with my sister."

I was not sure to take that as a reason or an excuse. But since I agreed to some iPad time, this better that some weird cartoon.

So, anyways while they were watching I was reading my book and catchng snippets of talk between kor kor and Caylee.

Caylee : Why Jesus Cry, where Jesus Cry?
Kor Kor : Coz pain pain.
Caylee : No kor kor....where Jesus Cry (Christ)?
All of us puzzled until we realised she was saying where is Jesus Christ and why Jesus Christ (as in what is he doing?)

Caylee : Bad man kor kor. Why bad man?
Kor Kor : No that one is bad. This one is good. He become good already.

Caylee : Why dark kor kor? Going to rain.
Kor Kor : No Caylee. God cannot see already. God is sad. So it is dark.

And the most astonishing question and answer from my kids is this next one!!!

Caylee : Jesus mummy cry kor kor. Jesus Chry die already? Where is Jesus daddy?

I was shocked to hear this question coz so far NO CHILD has ever asked this question. And even more shocked was Christopher's answer.

Kor Kor : Jesus daddy is in heaven. Jesus daddy is GOD!

Oh wow.....oh wow.....this coming from my 3 and 5+ year old kids. I feel truly blessed.

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