Sunday, June 16, 2013

PTA 2013

At last PTA in Christopher's kindy.

This year Christopher's kindy was taken over by another person. We were not told of this till late last year and also through another teacher. I was a bit irritated at first but given it was Christopher's last year, I just let it be.

However, I LOVE the new principal and the new ideas she brings to the kindy. The PTA was also different in a sense we were brought up one by one to see the teacher. Not in the general area where the kids were also playing.

While waiting, I saw video clips on what the kids did during the school term. I saw in most pictures my son always holding his friend's hands. I saw the various activities and games they engaged in. It was really good to see all this.

My meeting with the principal was good. She briefed me on all of Christopher's subjects. Unlike in previous years where each teacher will brief me individually in the subject they thought. Meaning that all the teachers knew everything about each child.

Christopher did very well in his science followed by BM (surprise, surprise), English, Mandarin and Maths. In fact the teacher told me he really loves his science because they actually go out and see, feel, do.

As always, I get feedback that he talks more than he listens. But if he listens, he does his work pretty well. And as expected, he gets along very well with all his friends.

She told me that she speaks to Christopher purely in Mandarin to make them comfortable with the language. And in fact she told me of late, he is speaking back to her in Mandarin too. OH! where was she when he first started school??? Anyways.....

The principal also showed me, since I asked, ther 3 year old syllabus. It is partially imported from Taiwan and partially the Malaysian syllabus. I was impressed with the Taiwanese concepts. Concepts to train hand eye that will help in their logical thinking and writing. How such simple concpets of learning with fun leads to the greater picture. It was so interesting. I am looking forward to my daughter going to kindy next year.

All in all, a good PTA. An eye opener for me. And I loved it that she ended the meeting asking me for feedback. Her openess and honesty, love for the child, creativity in teaching is something I greatly appreciate.

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Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Good comments from Teacher. Well done Christopher.