Thursday, June 27, 2013

Renovation 1.03 - TNB, Syabas and Civic Centre

So, hubby took leave today to do all that.

We googled TNB and Syabas to get their address in PJ the night before.

Was told that he paid RM280++ for TNB deposit and processing fee. Syabas extracted RM130 from him.

And to get the standard house plan for our backyeard extension, he had to go to Civic Centre PJ. Cost him RM200 for a give standard extension. Advice is to bring ALL the documents you have when you go there. He told me they needed to have a look at the S&P as well as the Hakmilik Sementara document which shows your area/street plan.

After the choice of extension was made, you had to fill up a form, go to another building to make the payment. And then return to the office to show them the payment slip.

Then you are all good to go.

Seems the green dustbin is to be hired by the contractor.

So, we are waiting the final quotation from our contractor before work begins.

What exciting times.

And how slow my bank account is increasing. I literally wait every month end to watch it grow. I would need 3/4 months salary in with as little out as possible to cover only half of what I expect the renovation will cost.

Exciting times indeed.

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